Pandit Daulatramji

Pandit Daulatramji

(Samvat 1855-1923)

Deeply immersed in the knowledge of the self, Pandit Daulatramji was a jewel of the Palliwal Jain community. He was born in village Sasni near Aligarh. He also lived in Aligarh afterwards. His father was Todarmalji.

Away from self-applause, the full life story of this great poet is not available. He was an ordinary householder, simple in nature and engaged in the search of the soul. His ‘Chhahdhala’, very much talked about and respected is a jewel of his works. There is hardly any Jain, who does not study this work. It has been prescribed in the courses of all the Jain Examination Boards.

He wrote this in, Samvat 1891. He has successfully tried to fill the ocean in a small pot. Apart from this, he composed many prayers and spiritual verses, which are recited after the religious discourses in all the Jain temples in India. His devotional verses are full of deep thoughts of the self.

His poems, besides being spiritual, are full of poetical qualities of a high order. Language is simple and spontaneous. His verses can be compared with the works of any great master of Hindi lyric poetry.