Acharya Mahapragya

Acharya Mahapragya

A Living Legend

Acharya Mahapragya is not merely a Person but also a Purpose, not just a Being but also a Belief. He is that perception which cant be bound by Time or Territory. Thoughts churned out from the depths of one’s meditation are lasting and effective.

He is not a reservoir of wisdom but its very fountain-source. The former may not always have fresh and clean water, which the later i.e. the source would always possess. Such a source alone has the capacity to quench the thirst of innumerable persons. Paradoxically, Acharya Mahapragya has acquired the power of not only quenching but also creating such thirst in the people.

This rare confluence of Power, Peace and Dedication, has, after diving deep into the depths of spiritualism, supplied us with many an invaluable jewel. While adding lustre, prestige and glow to the ‘terapanth’ sect, through his sustained efforts, he has also served as a beacon to the human mind engulfed in countless problems. His experiments of ‘Prekshadhyan” (Perception meditation) and ‘Jeevan-Vigyan” (Science of Living) has succeeded in bringing people of different religions, sects or casts on one platform and to integrate the West with the East.

The personality and contribution of this practitioner of non-violence and nonabsolutism is multi-dimensional.

His epic ‘Sambodhi’ represents the soaring heights of his poetic capacities. Thy rhythmic conversation between Lord Mahavir and the Prince-Monk Megha Kumar, in fact, unties many a knot of life and philosophy. Another book, ‘Rishabhayan’ (now being completed) also gives a glimpse of his maturity as a poet. His poetry is illuminated by the divine light of life’s philosophy. He is a blossomed rose of inner refinement whose fragrance pervades not only through his verses but also the spoken word. The crowds, which regularly throng around him, are enthralled and get peace in his presence as he is also in peace with himself.

Mahapragya’s favourite topic is mind. Majority of the man’s problems would be resolved with the resolution of problems of mind. Individuals usually get perturbed, even unbalanced, due to adverse circumstances. To them, Mahapragya’s advice is that instead of functioning like the slipping and flowing water, one’s mind should be solidified like ice and should remain so, as if kept in a refrigerator.

A deep understanding of Acharya Mahapragya enables him to look beyond Time. He can anticipate the needs and expectations of the coming era. Instead of getting entangled with problems, he looks for their solution. Those who know him intimately are aware that he is the creator of new perceptions. He is the blending artist of heart and wisdom on one hand and thought and action, on the other.