Dineshbhai Mody

Mr. Dineshbhai Mody, M.A., L.L.B.

Mr. Dineshbhai Mody is a multi-faceted personality and although by profession he is a leading and prominent Supreme Court Advocate and Notary Public since 1953, (who has specialised in Corporate Law and Foreign Exchange Law), he has been at the helm of several leading companies in India as a Director, including world renowned – B. Arunkumar International Ltd., Diamond Exporters.

Among his other pursuits are his affiliations to country-wide prestigious associations like being a past member of Film Censor Committee of Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association, an erstwhile Bombay University Professor and Examiner in Law for more than 10 years, Examiner in Law of Shivaji University, Member of Delhi University Senate appointed by President of India, past member of Board of Studies and Faculty of Law of Bombay University and President of Bombay Shareholder’s Association. He was invited by Joint Select Committee of Parliament for Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and also Sachar Committee on Companies Act to appear before them and give his views and suggestions on the subject.

Mr. Mody is well versed in Palmistry and Astrology, often a guest speaker at the meeting of various organisations such as Lions, Rotary, Junior Chamber Jain Social groups etc. and also on All-India Radio, Bombay T.V. etc. Past Deputy Governor, Lions International.

At his instance Bombay University has set up Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute Of Investment Studies and has also set up Shri Dinesh Mody Numismatic Museum And Dinsesh Mody Institute For Numismatics And Archaeology in its campus and named it after him. As a return gesture he has agreed to donate his private coin collection running in several millions of rupees to Bombay University and also far donated ten million rupees in cash for construction of building and maintenance thereof.

And while Mr. Mody has been busy with all his above affiliations and associations, his social and religious focus on Jainism kept to the forefront with various activities.

Mr. Mody is the Founder Chairman of Federation of Jain Adhyaatm Study Circles and also Jain Adhyaatm Vyakhyanmala Trust.

He has also published Jain Religious Books, amongst which a book (600 pages) called “SAMKSHIPT JAIN DARSHAN” in Gujarati which has undergone into 4 editions. This book has been very popular throughout India. His book “PARMAAGM SAAR” (Gujrati) has been sold out immediately on publication. His book “DHARM NO MARM” was widely acclaimed in U.S.A. A book called “ANANYA SARAN” has undergone 3 editions is prepared for bringing succor, relief, hope specially who are sick, unhappy, disappointed etc. Some of the hospitals in Bombay have decided to keep couple of religious books written by him by the side of every bed permanently, for the kind of solace they provide.

JAIN AAHAR proved extremely popular and was reprinted 11 times in one year. His latest books “HEY PRABHU” , “GYANI DASHA”, “NAMOKAR MANTRA”, “VYKTI ANE VYKTITVA” (Gujrati) have been sold out immediately on publication. Book on “PRTIKRAMAN” has gone into two editions.

Continuing in his role as a writer, he regularly contributes articles on various subjects such as Law, Judiciary, Economic and Political affairs, Finance and Investment, current affairs, Jainology, etc. to various leading newspapers in India and abroad such as Economic Times, Financial Express, Money, Vyapar, Bombay Samachar, Money Times, Sandesh, Gujarat Samachar, Samkaleen, Afternoon.

He has been the Editor for last Eleven years of magazine of Jain religion “ADHYAATM VIGYAN”, Organised several seminars, workshops, lecture series etc. on Jain Religion and also pilgrimages, substantially financed by him.

Since last 3 years actively pursuing to introduce a course in Jainology at under graduate level in Mumbai and Gujarat University.