Dr. S.S. Lisk

Dr. Sajjan Singh Lisk

Dr. Sajjan Singh Lishk is one of the foremost personalities on the Jaina on the ‘astrological’ horizon.

He not only has a Bachelors’ Degree in Sanskrit and Education, a Masters’ Degree in Mathematics, but has also acquired with ‘outstanding merit’ a Ph-D degree in Jaina Astronomy.

This PH.D degree was awarded by Dr. W. Petri (Germany) and Dr. H. Hirosi (Japan), which resulted in new vistas of research in Jaina Mathematical Sciences, especially related with the so-called dark period of History of ancient Indian mathematics and astronomy.

While on the subject of research, Dr. Lishk has been involved is many sphere of research for his Thesis and Post-Doctoral period he researched for the project “Jaina Mathematical Sciences”.

Dr. Lishk has been a teacher for 33 years imparting knowledge in Science at Secondary Schools, at the Punjabi University and at Government Training Centres in and around the Patiala area.

Dr. Lishk’s language proficiency extends from English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Prakrit to French. He is also the author of numerous books on different aspects of Jainism including astronomy, geography, mathematics, astrology and contributions as a part of the panel for “Science and Technology” for the Encyclopaedia of Jain Studies.

He is also affiliated as a member of many prestigious and wrold-renowned organisations like Indian Society for History of Mathematics, Astronomical Society of India, Jainological Research Society and many more.

Besides all his accomplishments in various fields, Dr. Liskh is also a proficient Psyco-Palmist, Astrology and an expert in Palm-reading, horoscopy, Indian Astrology, including Jain Astrology, Numerology, Face-Reading, Non-drug Psychological counselling etc.



PATIALA-147001 (Punjab) INDIA.

TELE: +91-175-217183.