Prof. Prem Suman Jain

Prof. Prem Suman Jain

As the present Dean and a Professor at the M. L. Sukhadia University, Prof. Prem Suman Jain is one of the veterans (born on August 1, 1942) in Jain Philosophy. His life work has been his interest in developing and involving himself in various aspects of Jainism and ancient (writings). His specialisation includes

Jainology & Prakrit,

Pali & Buddhism,

Cultural Study of Ancient Works,

Narrative Literature & Apabhramsa Studies

Dr. Jain’s Post-Graduation degree in Pali, Jainology & Prakrit, Ancient History & Asian Studies and being awarded a Ph.D for his thesis on ‘A Cultural Study of Kuvalayamalakaha (Prakrit Text), he further developed his ………………. By Post Doctoral studies: Cultural Study of Narrative Literature.

With such a rich cultural and historical background, Dr. Jain embarked on a career to impart his experiences and learning in the teaching profession, starting as an Associate Professor in 1978 in the Dept. of Jainology and M. L. Prakrit University to the Dean, and also worked at the Jain P.G. College, Bikaner as a Lecturer from 1967 – To 1970, Dept. of Sanskrit, Udaipur University as an Assist Prof. from 1971 – To 1978.

He has also been the guiding light and a consultant to a number of ‘Doctorate’ students in the specialisation and exploration of different thesis within his purview

During his teaching career he also excelled himself in a writing career and published 125 Indian Journal & 11 Foreign Journal, 45 Conference Papers & 6 Foreign Papers, Wrote 26 Books, 2 Reports, 8 Books Review, while 5 more of his books under publications. Dr. Jain has edited the ancient work of 2000 Prakarit Gathas, with Hindi and English, which is under process.

He distinguished himself in his sphere enabling him to be appointed as Consultant/ Liaison Services, from 1989 to 1998 at Shri Kundakunda Bharati, New Delhi consulted in Prakrit Studies & fom 1990 to 1993 at National Prakrit Institute, Shravanbelagola consulted in Prakerit Research

In the true spirit of brotherhood and non-violence, Dr. Jain has submitted a proposal to the U.G.C. for establishing a centre for Buddhist Studies and non Violence in the Deptt. Of Jainology & Prakarit of M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur.


Professor In Jainology & Prakrit Dept.

Dean, College of Social Science & Humanities,

M.L. Sukhadia University,

Udaipur (India).

Tel (O) 414143 (R) 490227.