S. Sripal I.P.S.

Mr. S.Sripall, I.P.S.

Mr.S.Sripall, the retired Director General Of Police of Tamilnadu is a multifaceted personality. He is the Chairman of the Research Foundation For Jainology. He is also the Convenor for the Study Group, State Planning Commission, Tamilnadu and a Visiting Professor at the University of Chennai.

As the Chairman of the Research Foundation of Jainology Mr.Sripal has immensely contributed to the propagation and study of Jainism. He has created a full-fledged Department of Jainology where students can pursue M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees. The foundation is also running a Jain Vidyaashram to train young minds in the Jain way of life, the essence of which is non-violence, toleration and moderation. Every year endowment lectures by eminent personalities are also held.

The Research Foundation of Jainology has published several publications of great value. The list includes Jaina Inscriptions in Tamilnadu, Lectures in Jainism, Jivawani Ki Moti, Pearls of Jaina Wisdom, Acharya Kunda Kunda and Jain Philosophy, Aspects of Jain Philosophy, An introduction to Uttaradhyana, An introduction to Jain Sadhana, Jaina Logic and Neelakshi.