Contemplation of Forbearance

Muni Mahendra Kumar


1. Posture

2. Recitation of the Mahaprana Dhavani

3. Kayotsarga

4. With your mind’s eye visualise that every thing around you, including the air itself, is coloured bright blue like peacock’s neck.

Take a deep breath and as you slowly inhale, visualise that you are breathing long streams of bright blue air. Repeat the breathing exercise several times, each time inhaling bright blue air. Visualise that bright blue air is entering into your lungs with each inhalation.

5. Concentrate your full attention on the Centre of Enlightenment situated in the middle of your forehead and recite nine times loudly:

‘My forbearance is being reinforced. My equanimity is increasing’.
Now repeat the same sentences mentally nine times:
‘My forbearance is being reinforced. My equanimity is increasing.’

6. Contemplate on the desirability of acquiring this virtue on the following lines:

The physical discomfort resulting from seasonal changes–sensations produced by disease.
Mental sensations such as sensations of pleasure and pain–sensations of comfort and discomfort, and Emotional sensations such as opposing views, opposing nature, opposing taste –all these affect me, but I should not be swayed by them.

If I permit their influence to overwhelm me, it would inhibit my abilities. Less I am affected, greater would be my strength. That is why development of forbearance is the key to my success in life.

7. Conclude the meditation session with recitation of Mahaprana Dhvani.