Meditation & Curing Diseases

Colors – Meditation and Curing Diseases

How do the colors effect the mind and affect diseases?

Different doctors will have different viewpoints on this. Despite diverse views, there is one proven opinion that rays of colors directly affect our endocrine and nervous system. Professor Alexander of American Institute of Bio-social Research believes that electromagnetic energy developed through colors influences in an unknown way to our Pituitary and Pineal glands and through that it reaches to Hypothalamus in the brain.


Perform Kayotsarg by leaning on the right side for ten minutes. Then perform Pranayama by inhaling and exhaling air from the left side of the nose ie chandrabhedi. Then meditate for ten minutes on a blue color (shining peacock blue). Now give yourself repeated self suggestion that my nervous system is relaxed and my blood pressure is under control. You can put it in different words as you like.

Irritable nature

The exercise prescribed for curing an irritable nature is Shashanka Asana (Moon posture) and other exercise for the backbone like serpent posture, locust posture and bow posture. Performing Kayotsarg for a minimum of ten minutes can also be helpful. Meditate on white color on the area of Jyoti kendra, the region between the eyebrows and then meditate green color on the Ananda kendra, the area between the center of chest near the heart for ten minutes and repeat the self suggestion that ‘ I am gaining love for the whole humanity and becoming peaceful’. Increased intake of vitamin A, minerals and iron will also help in change of behavior.

Physical tension

Perform some loosening exercises as described below:

With deep breath, bend the head backwards and then bring the head down i.e. touch the chin to the vocal region while breathing the air out. This can be done five times.

Turn the head towards the right side breathing the air in, the chin should touch the shoulders, while breathing the air out turn the head towards the left side.

Turn the neck in a clockwise circular motion and then return the head in a counterclockwise direction five times.

Bend the elbows and touch the shoulders then move the hands in circular motion that is clockwise and counterclockwise direction. This exercise should be performed five times in clockwise and five times in a counterclockwise direction.

Now close the fist and keeping the hands absolutely straight rotate the hands in a circular motion. Once again five times in a clockwise motion and five times in anti clockwise motion.

Stretch the hands in front of you and tighten the fists then rotate the fist in clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Then imagine holding a ball inside your fists very hard, bring this imaginary ball towards you with a lot of force and then equally hard push the ball out. You are advised to first see this step and then practice.

Bend the waist upwards to an angle of 45 degree. Breathe the air completely out and then quickly perform in-out movements of the stomach. Then take deep long breaths come back to the original position.

Bring the hands upwards towards the head and then stretch them as much as possible while breathing out slowly bring the hands in front and touch the feet’s with the hands, likewise come upwards while breathing the air in. Perform this five times.

While breathing the air inside, bring the hands parallel to the floor and then turn the palms towards the roof, while breathing the air out bring the hand upwards towards the head and touch it to the head and then bend towards the other side. At the same time the other hand should try to reach as low as possible towards the other side. Maintain the posture for as long as possible. Then perform this on the other side in a similar fashion.

While breathing air stand on the toes and stretch the hands above the head, while breathing the air out bring the hands back, perform this five times.

In a similar fashion perform the same exercise while standing on the heels instead of the feet’s, by doing this one can get rid of pains in the heels and toes.

Bend the knees and move the knees in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Then bring the hands in front of the body palms facing downwards and touch the knees to the palms. Perform this five times. Now hit the hips with the heels of the legs. Now bend legs and hit the side of your with buttocks.

Mental tension

Perform Pranayama with slow bhastrika. Meditating on white color gives coolness to the mind. Give yourself suggestions of increasing humanity and friendliness with brotherhood feelings. If tension is caused by anger then meditate on white color i.e. on the Jyoti kendra and the whole forehead and repeat to yourself that you are gaining patience. If the tension is caused by fear then perform Padmasana, kayotsarga, deep breathing and meditate on pink color on the Ananda Kendra. If the tension is due to excessive passions, then perform Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Sasanka Asana.

Perform body preksha for ten minutes and repeat to yourself that everything is changeable including the body, relationships and the physical world present around us and bring about a feeling of detachment for the material world.