Everlasting Youth

A few days back there was an article published in a newspaper about a man who died at the age of 132years. His body organs were functioning properly at the time of his death.

This news raised many a different questions such as ” What is old age?”, ” What is youth”, ” Why does aging occur “, and whether it is possible to stay ever youthful forever.

Youth has been defined in many ways. We will not analyze its many definitions instead we shall discuss these questions with reference to the human science and Yoga Science.

Man has one universal desire which is to stay ever young. Man discovered many new ways new medicines, herbs, pastes and innumerable ways to keep himself in the prime of his life

Man grows old because his body cells get destroyed sooner than the body mechanism can repair them. Physiologists believe that people who waste their mental energy less and give enough chance to the body cells to repair do not grow old soon. It is believed that when brain cells become hard and lose their flexibility then man grows old. When the brain cells become hard their resistance gets reduced. Not only this man’s capacity to bear unfavorable circumstances gets reduced. He loses the balance between body and mind. It is a known fact that old people become easily irritable, impatient and lose their temper easily. This is not the fault of the person. This occurs because of the hardening of the brain cells.

Through Preksha meditation it is possible to keep our brain cells flexible. Studying the various parts of the body with great intensity, minutely is Sharira Preksha. Chetanya Kendra Preksha means meditating on the specific electromagnetic regions of the human body such as-

Naval region

The center of chest

Center of throat

The tip of the nose

The center point between the eyebrows and center of the head.

By practicing this form of Preksha and observing each and every cell with great intensity we can unleash a reservoir of vital energy blood which is enough to keep the brain cells flexible and healthy. This flexibility of the brain cells not only helps a man keep young but also destroys his imbalance and instability of mind.

He whose backbone is hard and D-shaped is old. A person who performs exercises to keep his backbone flexible and strong will not grow old even at the age of 80 to 90 years. Asanas which enhance the flexibility of the backbone for example are Pavanmukta asana, Dhanura asana, Paschimottana asana and Halasana should be performed.

He whose mind is devoid of any tensions and worries is young. Mental, physical and emotional tension causes stiffness in the body cells and this stiffness is the main reason for old age. Oral drugs can heal a man only for a very short time however when used for a long time they can cause more harm than good.

The way to reduce tensions is to free oneself of his/her deep rooted bad habits such as ego problems, jealousy, anger, passions, weaknesses etc. All this is possible only through Dhyana.

The greek philosophers did a lot of research on the theory of creative evolution. They believed that the pattern of man’s genetic development and evolution is based on his desire to develop. That highest level of conscious development that has been found in a man has been actualized by the conscious desire which occurred in a single sense vegetable to develop itself.

This goes to show that the world which we see around us is but a proof of that ” conscious desire and determination”.

Preksha Dhyana is the method of the development of that will power.

A young person is he who can live in the present. A young person understands his past but lives in the present. An important aspect of Preksha dhyana is to live in the present. It teaches a person how to detach himself from the past or the promises of the future and to face his life in the present with his full awareness of being at a point of time with both his mind and body. This in Preksha dhyana is taught through paying careful attention to the self or observing the body. To live in the present and observing the various chemical and genetic changes taking place how the heat is activated observing the movements stresses and pain of the body is Preksha dhyana in a nutshell.

He who lives in the present can never grow old because he has learnt the important truth of life that it is the present which will make the past and build the future so live the present to the best.

In today’s world a new concept has been founded that whatever happens, happens due to circumstances. In other words it is no fault of the person. All the fault is easily dumped on society or the circumstances. By constantly looking at the other man he has forgotten to look at himself. The concept of the new generation is to use the latest technologies and developments to its level best. This materialistic concept Bhog Vad has reduced social values, and created commercial and industrial problems .

Today’s world has really shrunk in size because there is an intermingling of cultures and ideologies. A youth living in such a culture should follow what code of conduct? He is lost to circumstances. But a youth is one who is not lost in the web of circumstances.

Preksha dhyana is the method to see oneself it is a method of creating and developing ourselves. We have seen enough of others it is our turn to see ourselves. And where the reciprocal counting or the process of knowing oneself begins thoughts get clear as glass, passions get mellowed down the desire to give to society and family overrides the desire to receive always, the ability to bear circumstances increases. To get complete control on oneself in itself is the method to attain everlasting youth.