Practice of Preksha Dhayan for Freedom from Drug Addiction

Muni Mahendra Kumar


1. Perception of rhythmic breathing

a. Practise Mahaprana Dhwani …. 2 min

b. Practise Kayotsarga …. 5 min

c. Practise perception of rhythmic breathing

(i) Perception on the navel …. 5 min

(ii) Perception in the nostrils …. 5 min

d. Mahaprana Dhwani …. 3 min

Conclusion :

2. Perception of psychic centres

a. Practise mahaprana dhvani ….2 min

b. Practise Kayotsarga …. 5 min

c. Practise perception of green colour at the psychic Centre of Vigilance.
All the three parts of the ears.

(i) right car …. 5 min

(ii) left car …. 5 min

d. Mahaprana dhwani …. 3 min

3. Contemplation through suggestion

a. Practise Mahaprana Dhvani …. 2 min

b. Practise kayotsarga .…2 min

c. Contemplation of freedom from drug addiction.


1. I am becoming free from drug addiction.

2. Alcohol / smoking are extremely harmful.

3. It damages liver and the lungs.

4. It increases the probability of heart disease and cancer.

5. Smoking has an injurious effect on the respiratory tract.

6. All these drugs and intoxicants are really very bad things. Now I shall never touch them.

7. I resolve firmly that I will never do smoking / drinking.

8. Now I have become free from the addiction to drug /smoking / drinking. …. 10 min

d. Mahaprana Dhvani …. 3 min