We and Colours

Around every person there is a circle of rays blind to the naked eye. It consists of microscopic waves knitted together like a web akin to the microscopic particles of cotton. The formation and the quality of this circle of ray depends upon the thought wave present inside the mind of the respective person at a point of time. Depending upon the purity of thought this ever present circle of rays keeps changing its colors and size. This circle of rays is called Aura.

Changes at physical level originates from the changes at subtle body level. Hence by studying the aura, it is possible to identify changes in advance. Every individual possess their own aura which is normally different from other person/s. A halo is the purer form of an aura and is only present around a few pure souled people. A halo is like the circle of enlightenment that we paint around very holy people.

Sun light has seven colors, so also does an aura. Even animals, plants and non-living objects possess an aura, however, their aura do not change, it remain constant. American scientist Dr.J.C. Trust has photographed human aura with extremely sensitive microscopic camera. She believes that people who are very mean have an impure and dull looking aura around them, while pure hearted people have a bright shining aura. Various colors of aura are interpreted as golden yellow represents spiritualism, light blue represents curative ability, pink represents love and affection, red represents lust and anger, green represents intelligence, smoky grey represents serious sickness; gloomy and dull or imminent death.

Even thoughts come in different colors to the extent that Jainism has nomenclatured the color of thoughts as Leshya. The type of thought a person makes his behavior and ultimately his nature which in turn governs the type of his Leshya. Violent people with a bent towards sadism possess grey or black colored Leshya. Philanthropic’s will possess bright lemon or bright orange color. Snow white color will represent purest level of thoughts.

The thought wave and the aura can be changed through Leshya meditation. Leshya meditation is a part of Preksha meditation and is called leshya, as it deals with colors.

There are seven colors which have a direct impact on the human body. Colors are merely a part of light. Colors are formed on 49th frequency of light. Colors are negative and light is positive. The visible world of ours is a world of colors. Therefore, colors have an impact on the body, mind and thoughts. Violence and rage have their own color and odor. In Jain philosophy violence is supposed to have five different colors. While some people feel immense happiness in hurting others, some feel less satisfied at it. Some cannot even kill an ant. What is the reason for this? If we look at it in depth, then we can realize that it is due to the varying Leshya’s.

Scientists and psychologists believe that colors have a profound influence on our lives. Color sets the moods and this in turn affects our endocrine and nervous systems.

A strange incident took place in former Soviet Union in a school. The students of a particular school were found to be extremely aggressive. While analyzing reasons for aggressiveness, it was discovered that the classroom walls were painted red with red curtains. The excess of red color had a direct impact on their behavior because the red color activated their nervous system and blood pressure to such an extent that they started becoming violent. This is so because the red rays increase the heat and the strength of the body. The curtains and wall color was changed to a pleasant blue color and soon everything became normal. Hence, colors leave a direct impact on human mind.

Color therapy

Each organ of our body is associated with a specific color. Heart, liver kidneys, blood, bones, flesh and nerves has it’s own special color. Even the microscopic cells also possess color. The speech, thoughts and feelings are also believed to be colored. Whenever the equilibrium of colors in an organ is weakened one becomes ill. By color therapy, the balance is restored, it can be used to cure psychosomatic illnesses and mental imbalances.

There is a deep relationship between colors and thoughts. The aura around us is the combined effect of the energy of the electric body, the electromagnetic field and the rays of the sun. The aura will be just as bright and light in color as the thoughts are pure. The purer the thoughts of a person, the brighter and lighter will be the aura around him. The aura determines the state of health of a person. The thoughts are related to the mind and knowledge of a person. Thoughts, memory, analyzing and forming a definite stand on any issue are all different branches of knowledge. Thoughts are related to nervous system and emotions are related to the endocrine glands. There are two organs which exhibit this, glands and nervous system. Emotions have it’s own colors. Through color meditation, it is possible to change these colors, thereby bring about a change in behavior. One can get rid of both mental and physical weakness, by continuously meditating on colors.


The technique consists of first attaining full concentration on a particular psychic centre and then visualising a specific bright color on the centre. After two three minutes visualise that color radiating from the centre, spreading all around the body. In color therapy, one must always perceive bright colors for the desired results. However, before attempting the practice of color therapy the practitioner must be thoroughly proficient in relaxation or kayotsarg, perception of breath and perception of body and psychic centres.

Table 1

Psychic Centre Color Intense Willing
Centre of bliss Emerald green Freedom from negative attitudes.
Centre of purity Peacock neck blue Self control
Centre of intuition Rising sun red Awakening of intuition, bliss
Centre of wisdom Golden yellow Clarity of thought
Centre of enlightenment Full moon white Subsidence of anger and other states of agitation and excitement.

Table 2

Psychic Centre Endocrine Gland Location
Centre of energy Gonads Bottom end of the spine naval.
Centre of Bio Electricity Adrenals Naval
Centre of bliss Thymus Near the heart
Centre of purity Thyroid Throat
Centre of intuition Pituitary Middle of the two eye brows
Centre of enlightenment Pineal Centre of the forehead
Centre of wisdom Cerebral Cortex Top of the head

Importance & Impact of color

Colors are a part of the light. Light is a frequency. The light that we can see with our naked eyes is formed on the 49th frequency of light, i.e. color. The colors that we can see become visible in that form only on the basis of different frequencies. In the red color alone there are 436 billion frequencies in one second. In violet color there are 73 billion frequencies in one second. Color is the method to cure diseases. It corrects the imbalance caused in the body. The food that we get of the flora is actually a representation of mere colors in a solid form. Every organ of the body have it’s own color. Like liver and kidney are reddish brown while heart is dark pink. Every endocrine glands have their own color. They can be activated by using colors.


The color red is an element of fire. Red is hot in nature. This color activates the nervous system and blood. It also improves the functioning of the five senses and hence this has a direct impact on our knowledge. It activates the cerebra spinal fluid. Red rays have a positive effect on the liver and the muscles. They ionize and help in breaking the alkaline element of the body. Without red, the body becomes incapable of accepting anything from outside. The red color stimulates the right side of the brain. According to color specialist, the red color acts as a shield against all diseases. However, if red color is used in excess, then it may cause fever and lethargy. Blue color should also be used along with this.


The green color is composed of nitrogen gas. It is symbol of energy and useful for mental and physical health. It makes the muscles, bones and cells stronger. It reduces the tension in the blood pressure and blood arteries. It activates the pituitary glands. It is also considered antiseptic in nature.


Yellow color is not a complete color in itself. It is a mixture of red and green and for that reason it have qualities of both. It revitalizes the cells. It has a positive electromagnetic energy. It activates the mind. Yellow color represents the brain. By meditating on this color, the mental weakness and depression is cured. It is a heralder of joy and happiness.


It is a mixture of yellow and red color. It is therefore of more heat than that of yellow and red color. It affects the breath and stimulates the thyroid. The vibration of this color opens any congestion in the lungs and strengthens them, increase the milk in mother’s breasts and help the pancreas.


Blue color basically affects blood. It acts as a tonic for the blood. Vocal chord (Vishudhi Chakra) meditation on it makes the mind calm. It is a harbinger of truth, peace, faith and authenticity


Indigo makes the thyroid glands inactive and activate the parathyroid glands. It purifies the blood and it calms the breath. the practitioner is supposed to stare with complete awareness at this indigo color with dark glasses and becomes totally averse to any of his problems in the body. This is so because it takes the human mind to such a high frequency that the person totally loses consciousness of his pain.


Violet stimulates the upper portion of the mind. The color violet is said to give nutrition to the upper part of the brain, purifies the blood and helps in strengthening bones. It helps in curing the extremely violent and murderous people. This is so because it makes the person very lethargic thus curing his temper. It controls excessive yearning for hunger. Some scholars believe that violet color is ten times better for achieving good results in meditation.


This color rouses the mind. Thymus gland has uranium. It is helpful in the growth of the body. By lack of uranium in the thymus gland the growth of the body gets stunted. This color activates the thymus. It is a combination of green and yellow color.


This color is the symbol of peace, purity and salvation. White color is a sort of awareness in the body which is different from physical, mental and emotional awareness. Self realization is the ultimate goal of meditation. Meditating on white color like that of a full moon develops the highest degree of pure emotions. It creates an even outlook to life, either in joy or in pain. None of the current happenings, either good or bad, can carry away us with it. Meditation on white color reduces aggressiveness, tensions, worries, anger, animosity.