Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) – Introduction

Science of Living Intro by Acharya Mahapragya

Jain Vishva Bharati

Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) – Introduction


The sages have preached about Science of Living from time to time as under:

“Science of Living is a process of bringing about changes in the nature and habits of human beings. It can pave the way for building a healthy society through positive feelings.”

“Science of Living is a system of yogic exercises, yogic Asanas, Pranayam, Preksha Dhyan, Kayotsarg and contemplations

“Science of Living makes us aware of the conditions of morality, dignity of labour and our responsibilities.”

“Science of Living is a unique combination of discretion and emotions.”

Education provides the foundation for all-round development of a human being. It shapes the personality of an individual. Of all the experiments which have so far been conducted in the field of education, Science of Living has come to be reckoned as an original experiment. In this system a student is made to study less and more time and energy is devoted to practice and experimentation on the self. For the revival of values and fuller development of the human personality, the subject of Science of Living has been conceived and developed, its source of inspiration is Anuvrat Disciplinarian Shri Tulsi. His thoughts have been further developed and expanded by Acharya Shri Mahapragya.

The syllabus of Jeevan Vigyan has been formulated for all levels of students beginning from class-1 up to graduation standard. Keeping in view the needs and the pace of learning of the students, the syllabus has been divided into twelve units as under:




Right Exercise

Right breathing


Preksha Dhyan


Health science

Mental health

Emotional health

Awareness of values



Beginning with the use and development of sound, these units graduate into generation of awareness of values and promotion of non-violence. The sound has utmost impact on the way we live and conduct ourselves. We receive and communicate knowledge and scientific attitude through sound. The balanced development of sound is the basis of peaceful coexistence. No human being can succeed in life without the development of resolute will-power. Strong will-power liberates us from undesirable conduct and guides us towards right conduct.

The experiments in the field of education have convincingly proved that Science of Living is fully capable of bringing about desirable transformation in the personality of children.

The usefulness of Science of Living is not restricted to students alone. Its usefulness has been established beyond doubt in every walk of life. It is applicable to teachers or guardians alike. Teachers need to be trained first in this technique of Science of Living.

The nature of human being can undoubtedly be changed. The experiments in the field of Science of Living have proved to be blessings for the individual. These experiments have succeeded in bringing about all-round development of body, mind, intellect and emotions. In statistical terms, lakhs of students, thousands of teachers and hundreds of intellectuals have witnessed the sprouting of the seeds of change in their nature, behaviour and conduct during the last 10 years.                                             __________________________________________________________________________
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