Instincts (Sangna)
The instincts play a significant role in our life. They affect our conduct as well as the behavior. They have been illustrated in Jain canons from the karmic philosophical point of view. One of the modern disciplines of science, behavioral psychology emphasizes the original instinct in the form of natural tendencies and modes of living, and emotions, feelings. It collaborates with the karmic explanation.

What is an instinct?
First of all, we should understand the concept of an instinct. There are two meanings. One is a sensation which is called an original instinct in the psychological term and the other is consciousness. Whatever we do, it is influenced by the impelling force of these special types of sensation. In the other words instinct (Samjna) means particular type of tendency of consciousness in which conscious and subconscious minds are combined together. They are called sensation. Internal and external causes activate the sensations to arise. The material cause for them is karmas. The external environment also affects sensations.