Personality Development

Man does not like to stagnate, he always likes to develop into something better. There are some ways to achieve this metamorphosis in one’s personality. If one were to understand these basic rules, one can develop him into anything he aspires for.

The first step to this is planning. Make a clear plan of what you want to be and how you want to go about achieving it. A plan should be clear, focused and practical.

Then put your plan into imagination.

Here you would find it strange why you first plan and they’re after image. You might have noticed that people sometimes come with solutions to grave problems in deep sleep. It so happens that they have gone through the same situation over and over again in their imagination, to reach the stage when the subconscious mind itself comes up with the solutions. To bring any planning into reality it has to be propelled by the energy of imagination.

Sound planning and imagination coupled with determination and perseverance can turn any dream into reality.

There are some people who get an intimation of their diseases or even death much in advance. The reason is that whatever is to take place in the material plane first manifests itself in the immaterial plane and whatever we see and feel by our five senses is incomparably small to what we can see or feel by our inner conscience. Today, modern science has created devices by which we can get to know of diseases much before they manifest themselves in the human body.

Live and livelihood is two sides of the same coin. Today’s education has become completely job-oriented and hence man advances in his field of work, but it is at the cost of his mental peace. This leads to a divided personality.

How could a man look if his one arm was longer than the other was? Intellectual and science of living (Jeevan Vigyan ) should go hand in hand or else an imbalanced personality would result.

There are five steps to fuller life and complete personality.

  1. Healthy body
  2. Healthy mind
  3. Healthy thoughts
  4. Will power
  5. Work efficiency

Whilst, the first three are vital to a good life , the last two are vital to earning a good living . It is true that the external appearances of a person can make its personality. However the proper functioning of the nervous and the glands are even more important in the development of a complete personality. Enough the proper functioning of the thyroid glands are very important to personality development. A person whose thyroid glands produce less than sufficient thyroxine will become easily irritable his capacity to memorize decreases and so does his capacity to make decisions. If on the other hand thyroxin is produced in greater quantity than anxiety and anger will become more prominent.

Henceforth any of these above mentioned problems can be a sign that the thyroid glands are not absolutely and habits is usually the effect of the nervous systems. If a person or a child becomes violent for trivial matters then it could be suspected that the sympathetic nervous system is not functioning well.

Praksha Dhyana is a method to balance the thyroid glands and the nervous systems. Tejas Kendra (naval region ) is the place where prana energy is generated .

If one is made to meditate upon this region then fear can be get rid of .,

  1. Dirgha – Svasa Prakash techniques – Perception of slow and deep breathing
  2. Samvarti Svasa Prakash i.e. perception of breathing method in which breath is to be inhaled with the left nostril and then exhaled with the right nostril and then again inhaled with the left. The process is then continued for 5-10 minutes.
  3. By creating awareness for our Svasa (Breath ) we can balance our nervous system. Perfection in thoughts is an absolute foolproof method to personality development.

Determination and willpower alone can make an ordinary person a giant personality. Purity of thoughts are factors that can increase willpower and determination. If the will power has to be increased, then it is essential to be away from feelings such as jealousy, false allegations, small talks etc .

Today a misconception has come up in today’s world that intellectual and mental development are considered one and the same. Both these are separate facts as intelligence and mind are not one and the same thing. Thinking is not in itself a very big art, instead this is a natural activity of

the brain . The main source of energy is the development of willpower .

An important milestone of personality development is purification of emotions. For purification of emotion Darshan Kendra ( the region between the brows) and Jyoti Kendra ( centre of the forehead ) should be meditated upon .

It cannot be said that practicing meditations will bring immediate results or miraculous changes in one personality. Curing even a common physical ailment can take a long time and we are aiming to cure a mental disease. From time to time one should perform self-assessment and see how much progress been made in personality development.

If a man changes his profession too often, it is because he lacks concentration

The true reason for the economic success of Japan is its concept of concentration. They first study their subject in mind thoroughly then they acquire a complete training in the same; only then do they go into production, wherein they improve constantly upon methods leading to a greater yield of production. Indeed they have used the secret of mediation in the field of their work. Their quest is how to increase their efficient and yield greater output. The answer to this they found is concentrated thing i.e. mediations.

Focusing coupled with determination is the prime requisite to turn our planning into reality. The personality that will be akin to a gold crown studded with jewels.