Krodh (Anger)


When anger flares we lose our sense of judgment. The virtues like love and forgiveness are destroyed. The anger triggers if someone acts against our wish, if someone causes obstacles in the fulfillment of our desires, or if someone breaches our trust. Everyone wants to stay away from those who become angry easily. Due to anger, friends become foes. No one wants to help an angry person, nor does anyone love him/her. The anger nourishes revenge and therefore, instead of an angry nature we should develop a forgiving and peaceful nature. Not only is anger harmful in this life, but it can bring the bitter consequences into our next lives too. Sometimes, the virtuous people become angry, but they immediately calm down and ask for forgiveness from the people involved. In case if we get angry then instead of staying angry we should also try to calm down. This way, the sin caused by anger would be removed or minimized. We should cultivate virtues such as forgiveness, penance, and repentance.