Kayotsarg & Health

Relaxation is a simple means of stopping the unnecessary waste of energy. In total relaxation every tissue, every cell is prevented from being overloaded and the energy from being wasted. An essential condition of relaxation is slow, deep and regulated breathing. In relaxation the metabolism slows down and the need for oxygen is reduced drastically.

  1. Kayotsarg is a technique for self relaxation and self realisation . It is also a way to cure psychosomatic diseases. For that reason it has a direct relationship with health. All the techniques for Dhyana start with Kayotsarg. Till we do not succeed in this relaxation (Kayotsarg ) it is difficult to succeed in mediation .
  2. Kayotsarg is a sanskrit Word meaning Kaya + Utsarg . Kayotsarg hence means relaxing the body and freeing the mind from its various thoughts. Kayotsarg means relaxation, awareness and beridding oneself of ego. One of the biggest reasons of physical and mental illness is excessive ego and love for the self. When ego and the excessive love for the self decreases ,the diseases themselves lose their ground .Here relaxing the body does not only mean relaxing the various body parts , organs , tissues but also loosing excessive attachement of the body . Only by losing the attachement of the body we gain self awareness and self realisation and for that reason the advanced stage of Shavasana is called Kayotsarg .
  3. Kayotsarg Shatak (a famous Sanskrit book ) says that Kayotsarg is a major technique to get rid of all the pains and sorrows . But now the question arises that how do we accept it as the truth ? In the language of medical science when the alpha waves increases in the brain then we can get rid of the mental tensions . In Kayotsarg mudra (posture ) the alpha waves are increased, this has been found in various experiments . While performing ECG the doctor instruct the patient to relax, even the dentist while extracting a tooth instructs the patient to loosen his jaw, a body massager and a beautician while performing massage instructs the person to relax the body and the facial muscles. This means that there is direct relationship between pain and tension. A similar purpose is sought when we reduce the tension by auto- suggestions and thus gain self- control over the pain. (In the beginning a professional instructor also gives instruction part by part to relax). In ancient times for blood purification, and mental treatment Kayotsarg was an effective technique.

The technique consisted of the following :-

A 24 hours long Kayotsarg was performed one day, the second a fatless and spiceless food was taken, the next day kayotsarg was again performed for 24 hours. This whole exercise was performed for nine days. Through this most of the disease was got rid of and whatever was left was get rid of through naturopathy. Hypertension, heart diseases and backbone problems are a few of the diseases for which Kayotsarg has miraculous cures. Dr. Sachdeva a Cardiologist from Delhi’s AIMS has been studying Kayotsarg and Preksha Dhyana and its effect on people (we will be discussing these topics in greater detail later on He taught these techniques to some patients suffering from heart diseases, blood pressure, some patients whose 75% of the arteries were blocked , some already had heart attack and some already had bypass surgery, they were made to do some asanas. Dhayana and Kayotsarg follow a fixed balanced diet. The results were very positive not only was there a reduction in the intensity of the disease but there also was a change in the whole lifestyle. In yoga language it is believed that whose heart, mind and backbone is healthy, disease will never happen to him. The art of relaxing the nervous system is gained through Kayotsarg. Psychiatrists through repeated suggestions first held the patient to relax their mind and body then the neuro system, then they try to discover the root cause of the trouble by going deep into the mind of the person and solving the problem from the root . The same method is adopted in Kayotsarg.

By the imbalance of Prana Shakti (life energy) a lot of diseases occur in the body. Medical science has not been able to exactly define Prana Shakti. In some parts of the body, the Prana Shakti (life energy) is excessive,for e.g. if the Prana energy is excessive in the upper portion of the naval region then such a person will have a hot temperament, on the contrary if the Prana Shakti is less, than a dullness will creep into the persons entire being. Feelings such as frustration, feebleness will arise and the person will get to have a defeatist attitude. If the muscles and the neuro-system of the body are relaxed then the flow of Prana Energy is just right. To correct the flow of Prana energy the breathing will have to be made slow, deep and rhythmic. If the breathing is counted then one can observe a remarkable drop in the number of counts, before and after performing Kayotsarg. By practicing this for a long period of time one can cure any psychosomatic diseases that one may have. In case of Insomnia it is a foolproof cure.

Another common ailment that man is suffering today is fatigue, both of the physical and mental kind. Due to excessive work pressure and or mental tensions, one can overspend his/her reservoir of energy. This, overspent energy can be revitalised (recharged) by Kayotsarg and channelised into productive activities.

In Yogasana the body is constantly instructed to stretch and relax. The stretching tones up the muscles and the various tissues, once the body is tuned up then relaxing becomes vital.

In Yogasana the body is constantly instructed to stretch and relax. The stretching tones up the muscles and the various tissues, once the body is tuned up then relaxing becomes vital.

If Supta-Varjasana (The Supine Vajrasana)has to be performed after Ardha Matsyendrasana (the half twist posture) then Kayotsarga should be performed for a few seconds in between. Likewise, if Sarvangasana (stand on-shoulder posture)is to be followed by Matsyasana(Fish pose) the Kayotsarg should be performed in between the two. If after every asana (exercise) Kayotsarg of the breaths (relaxation in the rate of breathing ) is performed then the effect of the asana will multiply. After jogging or after any athletic activity Kayotsarg should be performed in a lying posture so as to revitalise energy and rebuild any cells or tissues that may have been damaged during the workout. (Please note the same stretch and relaxation technique is at work here). The heart of a man is an excellent example of Kayotsarg, it beats and stops and then beats again. Otherwise it may not be able to work through the whole lifetime of person. With all these examples we can see a relationship in exertion and relaxation. Kayotsarg is thus clearly enough a technique to relax the tense and the overworked muscles, to recreate the damaged cells and revitalise energy . But Kayotsarg is not limited merely to this definition, it is a lot more.

The mind is under a lot of pressure. It always carries a lot of weight, more than a fully loaded truck. A small untoward incident gives the mind a lot of workload. If the doors and windows of this mind are closed then any negative feeling will never be able to creep in; and so there will be no more room for unhappiness. By ridding the mind of all sorrows and tensions, the body will get stabilised and all the doors for diseases will get closed .

Kayotsarg has many methods :-

1 Kayotsarg in a standing posture :-

If the sexual organs are to be balanced and emotions are to be controlled then Kayotsarg should be performed in a standing posture. (This should not be performed without an experienced instructor ).

  1. Kayotsarg in a sitting posture:-

For going deeper into Dhyana this posture is ideal.

  1. Kayotsarg in a lying posture:-

People suffering from diseases such as hypertension, backaches, heart problems are advised to do Kayotsarg in a lying posture. One of the benefits of performing Kayotsarg in a lying posture is that it can be performed for a longer time. Those who have insomnia can be easily cured by its practice. The person will become so light and relaxed that he/she will fall asleep while performing it. If Kayotsarg is performed for a longer time than the body becomes absolutely weightless.

  1. Kayotsarg by lying on a left side:-

Performing Kayotsarg by lying on the left side will activate the right nostril. Activating the right nostril gives energy to the body and helps it to get devoid of its dullness. The Pingala Nadi gets activated.

  1. Kayotsarg by lying on the right side

By performing Kayotsarg lying on the right side, the left nostril gets activated. This helps in curing hypertension also the Ida Nadi gets activated. If the aim is merely relaxation then this technique can be performed for 10-15 minutes. However for greater results and achieving a cure to heart trouble or hypertension this technique can be performed for 48 minutes under the supervision of an instructor. Mentioned below is a detailed procedure for the same.


  1. Lie on your back , eyes lightly closed.
  2. Spread your hands and legs a foot or two away from your body, palms facing upwards.
  3. Relax in this posture, take all your attention to the tip of the toe of your left leg. Feel the pain easing, then look at all your toes one by one, relax the back and the front of your feet and then slowly come upwards to the heels. Take your attention to wherever there is pain and then soothe it with your mind by giving it auto-suggestion.
  4. Now slowly come upwards to the ankle then calf muscles, the knees and the thighs. Relax all these areas. Your left leg is so light and free of pain that it feels to you as though it no more exists. Repeat the same process with your right leg.
  5. Feel both your legs becoming absolutely weightless.
  6. Now you take your journey upwards, take your attention to your hips, your waist see that it is not tensed. Now going further upwards observe your back , the spinal chord and each and every vertebrae make sure that there is no pain in any area.
  7. Give your stomach special attention it is the factory of your body. See the food being churned inside take your attention to the intestines, the kidneys, liver, pancreas, the adrenal glands that are located on the top of the kidneys, imagine that they are becoming more efficient.
  8. Now observe your heart try to hear your heart beats, count them and try to co-ordinate them to your breaths. See the heart pumping the blood, look at the auricles and the ventricles, notice the rich redness of the blood. See the air inside each and every red and white blood corpuscle. Travel further inside your body with the flow of your breath.
  9. Observe your hands , starting from your fingers , the palms, the wrists, hands, shoulders.
  10. Now observe the neck, the throat feel the vocal region, make sure there is no tension of any sort.

11 Observe your face as though you were watching a picture. See that your lips are not tight, let there be a smile curling up on them, see that your jaw is not clenched, or forehead tensed.

  1. See that your eyes are gently closed. Take your attention to the gates of your breath i.e. the tip of your nose- see the air coming in and going out. Feel the warmth of the outgoing air as compared to the coolness of the incoming air. See the color of the incoming breath it is shining white like that of snow glimmering in the light of the sun playing on its smooth surface. With every breath that you inhale there are thousands of these shimmering white particles invading your body, feel your body getting infiltrated with an expanse of whiteness. The outgoing breath on the other hand has thousands of grey and black particles, these are getting exuded from your body. Now admire the shimmering whiteness of the particles of your breath settling like flakes of snow on the various body organs. The reason for feeling like this is to get attached and aware of your breath. You are thus reaching the highest form of awareness.

13 Concentrate on the depth of your breath, the breath that you take is becoming deeper and the rate lesser. Of course this is an involuntary action you have taken no special action to do this. Your breath is becoming calm just as you are also. The air that is present outside is the same as you are breathing inside, you are merely a splinter of wood which is floating in this air. You have reached the stage of absolute peace.

  1. Now repeat these words inside your mind, ” I am physically, mentally and emotionally a healthy person.” Determination is a an premium method to adulterate the mind. If one thought is repeated inside a person’s mind ceaselessly then a point of time will arise when all the earlier thoughts will get wiped out. That one thought will get established, and all the others will get wiped out.

An important theory of the Nazi’s was if a lie is repeated a thousand times then it becomes a truth. Then if a truth is repeated a thousand times then shouldn’t it become true?

The brain has its own qualities, when it is in a stage of relaxation and when the breath is deep and long then any positive thought will get established more easily in the mind. With a little practice the effects will be realised by themselves.

Enjoy this state for a few minutes. To come back slowly shake yourself first your toes, legs, hands, move your head and come out of this state of deep trance.

You are completely relaxed and refreshed.

There are numerous benefits of relaxation, few of them can be listed as below:


  1. Relief from tension
  2. Concentration
  3. Development of wisdom, awareness and positive attitude
  4. Soothing effect on the nervous system. Changes in the electric activity of the nervous system and brain take place(soothing alpha-waves may be produced at will).
  5. Immunity to many diseases can be achieved.