The Science of Living and Experiments in Intuition

Chapter-14 : by Acharya Mahapragya

Jain Vishva Bharati

The Science of Living and Experiments in Intuition

Like water, meditation flushes the filth of the mind, cleanses those impurities that daily arise in the mind. The purification of the mind is as necessary as that of the body.

There are many centres in the body that affect physical health but there are very few in regard to mental health. We have neglected this fact since our education has conditioned practically everyone to think and believe that all our problems are rooted in the world of matter and therefore their solution also has to be sought in the same world. The world of consciousness, according to this viewpoint, simply does not exist or is at least insignificant. It is thought irrelevant both as a source of problems and as a place where their solutions can be found. It is time we thought of making education complete and whole. It can be done by including the Science of Living as an integral part of education so that we look for causes of and solutions to various problems neither exclusively externally nor exclusively internally – both the approaches are wrong – but both externally and internally.

Today the biggest problem is that we have lost faith in our power. And the main power we have lies in our breath.

Intuition needs tending. It has to be sustained by practice. It is a great pity we have forgotten the importance of practice. The awakening of intuition will result in an increase in the capacity for action and the development of the practical power.

Practice of Science of Living yields the following three achievements.

1. Awareness of one’s powers.

2. Access to those paths of development which the above awareness makes known.

3. Careful study, practice and experimentation.

Once these achievements have been made, faith and self-confidence are automatically built.