Ath ragadhyadhikar: ll3ll

Ath ShreeDumaswativirchitam.

(English Conversion of Original Language Words )

Prashmartiprakranam l

Ath Karmadhikar: ll4ll

(Original language words are missing)

4.  On Karma

These, knowledge obscuring, insight obscuring, feeling producing, deluding, age determining, body determining, family determining, and power hindering are the fundamental eight kinds of Karmabandhas.  34.

(Original language words are missing)

Again, these eight kinds of karmabandhas are subdivided into 97 kinds viz., five, nine, two, twenty-eight, four, forty-two, two and five respectively.  35.

(Original language words are missing)

Nature of this Karmabandha is manifold on account of its duration, intensity and quantity, and its specific bondage and rise also (become) intense, mild and middling.  36.

(Original language words are missing)

Of these (four kinds), quantity is on account of psychophysical activities, intensity is the result of passions and duration and enjoyment are on account of Lesya (-color of the soul).  37.

(Original language words are missing)

Black, dark-blue, grey, yellow, red and white are the Lesyas which constitute the cause of length of time of the bondage of Karma, like a glue, which is responsible for firm fixation of painting on canvas.  38.

Here ends Chapter on Karma