Pure Consciousness


Chapter XII

Pure Consciousness(Shudda Upayoga)

159. It is, from the practical point of view only, that the Omniscient Lord, perceives and know all; from the real standpoint, the Omniscient perceives and knows his own soul only.

160. Just as light and heat exist simultaneously in the sun, so it should be known that conation (Darshan) and Knowledge (Jnana) exist simultaneously in an Omniscient soul.

161. If any one argues that really knowledge illuminates other objects only, conation illuminates soul only, and the soul illuminates itself and other objects: (continued).

If knowledge illuminates others only, then it means that conation (which is said to know soul only) is different from knowledge; thus it is said that conation has no concern with other objects.

(If) soul illuminates other (objects only), then conation would be separate from soul, because, it has been said, that conation has no concern with other objects.

164. From the practical point of view, (just as) knowledge illuminates other (objects), so does conation. From practical standpoint (just as) soul illuminates other objects, so does conation (also).

165. From the real point of view, (just as) knowledge illuminates the self (only), so does conation. From the real standpoint (just as) soul illuminates the self (only), so does conaton (also).

166. (From the real point of view), omniscient Lord realises the nature of the self only, but not the universe and the Non-universe. If one argues like that, what blame can be laid upon him?

167. That knowledge, only, which knows material and immaterial, conscious and non-conscious, the self and all (other) substances, (is known) as direct and beyond the cognisance of the s