Chapter 10

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Chapter 10


eksg{k;kTKku&n’kZuk&oj.kkUrjk;{k;kPp dsoye~AA 1AA

Mohakshayajgyana darshana-varanantarayakshayachcha kevalam

_Omniscience (perfect knowledge) is attained on the destruction of deluding karmas, and on the destruction of knowledge and perception-covering karmas and obstructive karmas.


cU/kgsRoHkko&futZjkH;ka d‘RLu&deZ& foizeks{kks eks{k%AA 2AA



_Owing to the absence of the cause of bondage and with the functioning of the dissociation of karmas, the annihilation of all karmas leads to liberation.


vkSi’kfedkfn&HkO;Rokuka pAA 3AA

Aupashamikadi-bhavyatvanam cha

_Emancipation is attained on the destruction of psychic factors also like quietism and potentiality.


vU;= dsoylE;DRo&Kku&n’kZu& fl)RosH;%AA 4AA


_Upon liberation infinite faith, infinite knowledge, infinite perception and infinite perfection are not destroyed.


rnuUrjew/o� xPNR;kyksdkUrkr~AA 5AA

Tadanantaramurdhvam gachchhatyalokantat

_Immediately upon complete destruction of all karmas the soul darts up to the end of the universe.


iwoZiz;ksxknlaxRokn~&cU/kPNsnk�kFkkxfr& ifj.kkekPpAA 6AA


_As the soul is previously impelled, as it is free from ties or attachment, as the bondage has been snapped and, as it is of the nature of darting upwards, the liberated soul moves upwards.



onsj.M&chtonfXu&f’k[kkoPpAA 7AA



_Like the potter’s wheel once rotated, keeps rotating, like gourd with the mud sinks, but comes up once mud is removed, like castor seed goes upwards on the flower, like flame goes upwards, the same way upon liberation from the karmas, the soul goes upwards.


/kekZfLrdk;kHkkokr~AA 8AA


_The soul is not able to go beyond the universe, since there is no medium of motion.


{ks=&dky&xfr&fyax&rhFkZ&pkfj=&izR;sd& cq)&

cksf/krKkukoxkgukUrj&la[;kYi& cgqRor% lk/;k%AA 9AA



sankhyalpa-bahutvatah sadhyah

_The emancipated souls can be differentiated with reference to the region, time, state, sign, type of Arhant, conduct, self-enlighten-ment, enlightened by others, knowle- dge, stature, interval, number and numerical comparison.  

AA bfr r�okFkZlw=a lEiw.kZe~AA


Omniscience (absolute knowledge) is attained by annihilating

deluding karma,

knowledge obscuring karma,

perception obscuring karma and

obstructing karma.

Owing to the absence of the causes of bondage and to the shedding of karma, dissociation from all karmic matter is achieved which is liberation (moksha).

In addition to the material karma, abstract karma such as feelings and thoughts caused by fruition and transformations of karma, are also annihilated in the process of liberation.

A liberated soul (siddha) possesses absolute rationalism, perception, knowledge and perfection.

  1. Aphorisn number.
  2. These are called seven tattvas. In some scriptures, merit (punya) and demerit (paap) have also been counted as aspects of reality, and thus nine tattvas have been described.Acharya Umaswami and some other sages have considered merit and demerit as part of influx and bondage of karma.
  3. Experimentation (pramana) means information and evidence obtained through the study of scriptures, observation of nature and experience.
  4. Knowledge derived through signs, symbols, letters and words. It includes association, comprehension, etc.
  5. A space-point is the smallest indivisible unit of space.
  6. In the ultimate analysis, all karmas, are undesirable.
  7. These obviously result in ill-health.
  8. These are seen to lower one’s social status.
  9. These are for the monks.


Tattvartha Sutra

Selections From Acharya Umaswami’s Tattvarth Sutra

Compiled by Dr. Duli Chandra Jain

Tattvartha Sutra

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