Ath Dhyanddhikar: ll18ll

Ath ShreeDumaswativirchitam.

(English Conversion of Original Language Words )

Prashmartiprakranam l

Ath Dhyanddhikar: ll18lll

(Original language words are missing)

On Meditation

(A monk) after crossing over the other shore of ocean of conduct (step by step) approaches two kinds of auspicious meditations viz., Ajnavicaya and Apayavicaya.  Then he reaches Vipakavicaya and Samsthanavicaya.  246.

(Original language words are missing)

Words of authoritative persons (I. e. Arhan is Agamapravacana) and deciding the meanings of Scriptures is Ajnavicaya. Apayavicaya is anticipating danger from inflow of Karma, bad talks, worldly pleasures and hardships etc.  247

(Original language words are missing)

Repeated reflection on the effects of auspicious and inauspicious activities is Vipakavicaya.  Reflection on the substances and form (of the Universe) indeed is Samsthanavicaya.  248.

(Original language words are missing)

(A monk) who repeatedly reflects on the various virtues of words of Jina; danger violence, various effects of Karma, different constituents of the Universe (obtains these four auspicious meditations respectively).  249.

(Original language words are missing)

(A monk) who is distressed (by mundane life) who is endowed with supreme forgiveness, who is egoless, pure on account of cleansing the dirtiness of deceitfulness, conqueror of all cravings; and (he) who regards jungle and city, as equal, relations and enemies in the same light, (as equal) and cutting (the body) and applying sandalwood  on the body in the same light; and (he) who rejoyses in one�s ownself, virtues, and who regards grass and gem, gold and stone as equal and (who is) engrossed in self-study, meditation who is completely devoid of negligence; and who is purified by the auspicious activities which are cause of mental purity and attaining highest state of conduct and purity of emotions; and obtains the state that which is not obtained previously which arise on account of partial annihilation of destructive Karmas and (possesses) prosperity of various supernatural powers on account of this auspicious state.  250-254.

Here ends Chapter on Meditation.