Acharya Sushil Gurve Namah

Decennial Celebrations of Shikharji at Siddhachalam and Temple Anniversary

Respectful Invitation

Jai Jinendra! Hope this finds you and yours safe and well.

Ten years ago, you made history in helping us bring Shikharji@Siddhachalam darshan to North America. Since then thousands of yatries have completed Shikharji yatra and have returned home with a resolve to continue to support and preserve the teachings of the Jinnas through support of Shikharji@Siddhachalam for the future generations of our children and grandchildren.

Come and join with your family and friends in the celebrations of Shikharji tenth anniversary at your tirth! There will be Vargoda, cultural program, bhakti-sadhna, and essential annual temple vidhis and Shikharji at Siddhachalam dhwajarohan. Here are the details:

Many opportunities to participate

  • Dhwaja (flag) changing on Tonks (first come first serve) here
  • Bhomiyaji flag changing
  • Panch Mahaabhishek of Parsvnath Bhagwaan
  • 18 Abhishek, Panch Mahaabhishek, Maha Shantidhara and many other opportunities

For Bolis or to take laabh of a Puja, please email [email protected]

Program Highlights


11:00 a.m. onwards – Main Temple Pratimajis

18 Abhishek

12:39 p.m. onwards

Dhwajarohan of Shikharji Tonks

2:01 p.m. – Bhomiyaji Temple

Bhomiyaji Temple 18 Abhishek & Dhwajarohan – Boli*

3:01 p.m.

Cultural Program

Please visit for complete program details.


9:30 a.m. onwards

Panch Mahaabhishek of Parsvnath Bhagwaan – Boli*

11:00 a.m. onwards – Parsvnath Temple

Panchabhishek & Ashtaprakari Puja

12:30 p.m. onwards

Maha Shantidhara in Parsvnath Temple

1:30 p.m. – Vargoda Shobha Yatra

Parsvnath Temple to Parsvnath Tonk

Please visit for complete program details.

*For Bolis or to take a laabh of a Puja, please email [email protected]

Welcome to the Celebrations!

Physical Presence for August 13 – 14

All are required to wear masks while indoors, and social distancing rules apply. All other usual temple rules apply, including taking bath ahead of touching any pratimaji. Swamivatsalya (Lunch and Dinner) will be served at the Gautam Labdhi Bhandaar on all these days.

Finally, as before, darshan to Siddhachalam temples remains open, subject to restrictions. Ashram library, Ahimsa Bhawan, and Cabins are open. As the pandemic is better contained, we will continue to review our options.

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