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** Jungle Wale Baba**


Samadhi On 18 October 2019

Of The Invincible Ascetic

Chinmayasagar Muni


Jungle Wale Baba (A forest Monk)

Jain muni, Chinamay Sagar Maharaj, popularly known as “Jungle Wale Baba,” (Means monk of forests) who lives deep inside forests, doing his meditation amongst the wild animals. Many times wild animals are sitting around him in a calm and quite mood forgetting their wild nature and living in peace and harmony with each other due to the positive power of  deep meditation of Chinamay Sagar Maharaj, and hence popularly called  as “Jungle Wale Baba,”  (Means monk of forests) Many of such videos are available on YouTube.

The baba stayed at Chandragiri Hill and meditate at the spot where Chandragupta Maurya, the greatest of Mauryan emperors, performed penance several centuries ago. Chinmay Sagar is the only saint in the world today to live in deep forest and meditate for the betterment of mankind.

His routine is simple. He eats once a day and after giving darshan to his devotees, returns to the woods by 4 pm.

On taking deeksha, the saint was asked by his spiritual guru to visit various places and so accordingly, he travelled barefoot in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Delhi, Rajasthan and Karnataka, among others.

Unlike other religious leaders who live in posh ashrams, Chinmay Sagar has chosen to meditate in forests so as to be accessible to everyone. “Forests are open spaces and all are welcome irrespective of their religious leanings.”

He has tirelessly worked on several projects for betterment of humanity. He has helped millions to get rid of there drug, drinking, smoking and other bad habits and helped them to become more successful in their life.

 His yeomen services have earned Chinmay Sagar doctorates from the Universities of Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and the US and visits from world leaders to get his blessings and guidance.