Jain Principles and Bhakti in Tirunurranthathi


Guna Srichandran


She is the second daughter of Prof. J. Srichandran, a Tamil Jain scholar and Professor of Tamil. His publishing house Varthamanan Pathippagam is known internationally among Tamil diaspora for quality publications on Tamil classical literature which predominantly consists of works by jain monks and authors of the past .

Guna Srichandran started her learning of Tamil Jain literature and fundamentals of Jainism from her father while reading proof for his books.  She is a post graduate in Physics with a degree in education.  She served as Higher Secondary Physics teacher at St. Aloysius Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Chennai, a school with an heritage of more than 130 years. After retiring from her teaching career she studied M.A (Jainology) at University of Madras following it up with a degree in M.Phil. under the able guidance of Dr. Priyadarshana Jain, Professor of Jainology, University of Madras.

The work, Study of Jain Principles in Thirunurranthathi was part of her M.Phil studies. Currently she teaches at Dept. of Jainology, University of Madras as a part-time lecturer.  She is married to Mr. M.D. Rajendra Jain and lives in Chennai.

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