Sammed Shikharji

Shri Sammed Shikharji Teerth Kshetra has the top rank among all the Digambar Jain Teerth Kshetras, being the salvation place of 20 Teerthankaras and large number of saints. So this is called Teerthraj (King of Teerths)


Sammet Shikhar and Shatrunjay are the most prominent among all the Jainpilgrimages of India. Shatrunjay pilgrimage is on a hill-top in western India and Sammet Shikhar is in eastern India. When just one auspicious event of one Tirthankar, can convert a place into a pilgrimage, it will be quite impossible for human intelligence to assess the holiness and power of that pilgrimage where as many as twenty Tirthankars have litup the inextinguishable light of ‘nirvana’. Although the first light of ‘nirvana’ was lit-up in Ashtapad (in the Himalayas), today that pilgrimage is invisible to us. Under such a circumstance, Sammet Shikhar is that pilgrimage which we can hail as the ‘Shikhar’ (Summit) of the first light of ‘nirvana’. The truth is that Sammet Shikhar is the topmost light of ‘nirvana’.

Of the twenty-four Tirthankars of Jainism , twenty Tirthankars namely, Ajitnath, Sambhavnath, Abhinandan – prabhu, Sumatinath, Padmprabhu, Suparshwanath, Chandraprabhu , Suvidhinath, Sheetalnath, Shreyansnath, Vimalnath , Anantnath, Dharmnath , Shantinath, Kunthunath, Arnath, Mallinath, Munisuvrat Swami , Neminath and Parshwanath spent the evening of their lives on this great mountain and attained the supreme status of ‘moksha’. Every Tirthankar made efforts to enliven the density of power of this place, and consequently for millenniums this place has been vibrant , awakened and anointed with their halo. Really, Sammet Shikhar is an astonishing , unique and awakened holy

pilgrimage. Even today the atmosphere of Sammet Shikhar contains a sort of holiness. This mountain’s own special feature is that it always remains redolent with the fragrant trees of a large Sandal forest situated over it. Several rare herbal medicines are found on this mountain. The melodious sound of the cool water-falls flowing on this mountain gladdens our heart.

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