Jai jinendra,

During my visit to Bahubali Kumbhoj recently, I came across a huge collection of videos (almost 1.2 Terrabytes) related to Jain Pravachan.
The collection includes following:
1. Pravachan by Dr Sujata tai Rote on Labdhisar, dhavala, Karmakand, Jeevkand etc
2. Some very rare videos of Shantisagaji Maharaj, Samantabhadra Maharaj and 1957 Pratishtha of Bahubali…
I have started them uploading on Youtube, one topic at a time.
Currently uploading lectures on Labdhisar. The playlist link is
RARE VIDEOS of Shantisagar Maharaj, Samantabhadra Maharaj
Right now uploaded 13 of 25 videos. Expect to complete labdhisar upload by end of this week.
If useful, please share it with fellow jains and jainworld.

Kshemankar Bhore