Jainism : Key Beliefs

  • Jainism is one of the oldest living religions. Most environmentally friendly, ecology protecting and independent religion with intrinsic respect and equality for all living beings (including animals). There is a provision for the highest level of enlightenment for all in a scientific way.
  • Man himself, and he alone, is responsible for all that is good or bad in his life. Actions, thought and speech along with passions result in karmas. He must remove karmas or bear their consequences at maturity.
  • Every soul is capable of attaining perfection (i.e. infinite perception, infinite knowledge, infinite power and infinite bliss) if it willfully exerts in that direction.
  • This world in full of sorrow and trouble and it is quite necessary to achieve the aim of transcendental bliss by a sure method.
  • No God, nor His prophet or beloved can interfere with life of others. The soul, and that alone is directly and necessarily responsible for all that it does.
  • God is regarded as completely unconcerned with creation of the universe or with any happening in the universe. The universe goes of its own accord i.e. if follows laws of nature. The universe is uncreated.
  • MEANING OF JAINISM The word ‘JINA’ means the Enlightened, the perfected human who has conquered the internal passions and annihilated even the subtlest of attachment and aversion by one’s own efforts. Their Enlightenment results in omniscience. Jian’s teach the path of soul purification and perfection, called Jainism. They teach only after attaining their Enlightenment.
  • Jainism is the art of Enlightenment and science of Living.

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