Shri Dholaka Teerth

Great Men's View on Jainism


“In conclusion let me assert my conviction that Jainism is an original system, quite distinct and independent from all others; and that therefore it is of great importance for the study of philosophical thoughts and religious life in ancient India.” ‑‑ Dr. Herman Jacobi.

“What would be the condition of the Indian Sanskrit literature if the contribution of the Jains were removed? The more I study Jain literature the more happy and wonder struck I am.” ‑‑ Dr. Hertel, Germany.

“Jainism is of a very high order. Its important teachings are based upon science. The more the scientific knowledge advances the more that Jain teachings will be proven.” ‑‑ L. P. Tessetori, Italy.

“I adore so greatly the principles of the Jain religion, that I would like to be reborn in a Jain community.” ‑‑ George Bernard Shaw.

“Lofty ideas and high ascetic practices are found in Jainism. It is impossible to know the beginning of Jainism.” ‑‑ Major‑General Forlong.

“The Jains have written great masterpieces only for the benefit of the world.” ‑‑ Dr. Hertel, Germany.

“I say with conviction that the doctrine for which the name of Lord Mahavir is glorified nowadays is the doctrine of Ahimsa. If anyone has practiced to the fullest extent and has propagated most the doctrine of Ahimsa, it was Lord Mahavira.” ‑‑ Mahatma Gandhi.

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