Shri Dholaka Teerth

Late Shri Bal Patil Memorial Lecture


Dear All

All of you are aware & known contribution of Late Shri. Bal Patil towards our Jain Religious Community in getting status of Religious Minor Community in Centre as well as States.

I will say that we come to know that we Jain's are Minors and Religious Minority Status is our Right due to Late Late Shri. Bal Patil Sahab only.

Not only me but several social workers like me inspired with Late Shri. Bal Patil Sahab.

After our long struggle and at last due to pressure what we build for this subject on our Govt., we extracted Religious Minority Status to our Jain Minor Community on 27th January 2013.

I feel we ( Jain Minor Community ) should pay proper homage towards the contribution and work of Late Shri. Bal Patil Sahab, for which we have an Idea to have a Standard Memorial Lecture in Mumbai in respect of Late Shri. Bal Patil as on 27th Jan., as a homage thru entire Mumbai's Jain Community under the name of " Sakal Jain Samaj Mumbai ".

This is possible if, all of us will try for the same, apart from this if anybody have any other idea, should put on screen.....we may think on that too.

Request please take this e-mail as serious and have your reply, whatever it may be but please reply to enable all of us to do the needful.

Awaiting your reply on this.

Thanks with Jai-Jinendra,

Yateendra Sawale
National President
+91 9820862384
[email protected]