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Jai Jinendra ,

Devlok Gaman of Achrya Shri Vimal Muni ji Maharaj :

Achrya Shri Vimal Muni ji Maharaj was founder of many edcational and charitable institute in nothren india especially backward and non Jain areas.He was a fearless and revolutionary saint of Jainisam. He was born in Brahmin Family. His father was Shri. Dev Raj Sharma and mother Smt. Ganga Devi. His father passed away when he was a child. At the age 15 he came into contact with Jain muni Shri Gokal Chandji and Lal Chandji. At the age 17 he became Jain Monk At Sialkot, now in Pakistan. He was great speaker and educationist. He established many institutes in Jammu, Nawan sehar  and Udampur in Jammu Kashmir. In Punjab he established eductional institututes in Kup Kalan Jagaon,Jalandher and Patankot. He was a fearless saint. Many politicians of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir were impressed by his personality. He was founder of Adhishwar Dham. He belived in Jain Unity.He was 82.