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Jai Jinendra ,

I would like to bring in to the attention of all JainWorld audience about the false propaganda (against Jainism) made by one of the Tamil Television Channel, last night.
May I request all well wishers and our community heads to come forward and convey our strong condemn against the said report.
Yesterday (3-April-2010 @ 9:30 PM IST), Vasanth TV broadcast a short story in the name of "Pullan Vissaranai" about Fake saints.
In the topic of discussions, their main target was Jainism and our respected Muni's.
The most disturbing part in this program was the comparison they made on Jain Monks and Nithyanantha (a fake saint).
As they say, the Hindu ethics, particularly in Tamilnadu was spoiled by Jains in the ancient days.
They quote Jains introduced THURAVARAM, which is the core reason for such recent corruptions.
Also they uttered damaging words about Samanam and suppressed the true facts.
Looks like, they intentionally ignored the concept of SAMANA THURAVARAM and mis-leaded the public by such false propaganda.
Its time to show our unity.