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173 and 174. Just as to a person, his child-wife is unfit for enjoyment, but when having become mature, she is fit for enjoyment and attracts his attention, so also in the case of a right believer: all the previously bound karmic conditions, though present, begin to operate only when they become mature and then they produce corresponding psychic states through which they bind the Self.

175. In the case of the right believer, the previously bound karmas such as jnanavaraniya, remain ineffective so long as they are latent, but when they become efficient and operative, through the instrumentality of psychic states such as attachment, they bind the Self in seven ways, (exclusive of age-karma) or in eight ways.

176. In the case of right believer, the karmic inflow of the opposite psychic is absent. (When this is absent) the remaining karmic conditions, (since they are incapable of producing bondage leading to samsara) are declared to be non-binders. On account of these reasons, the right believer is said to be non-binder.

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