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50. In the (pure) soul there is no colour, no smell, no taste, no touch, no visible form, no body, no bodily shape, and no skeletal structure.

51. In the (pure) soul there is neither desire nor aversion. No delusion is found therein. There is no karmic condition, nor karmic matter, nor non-karmic matter in it.

52. In the (pure) soul there is no varga (atomic potency), no vargana (molecules or group of atoms), no spardhaka (aggregates of molecules). There is no ego-consciousness of different types and no (karmic) manifestations (resulting in pleasure-pain experience).

53. In the (pure) soul there is no activity of yoga (through manas, vachana, kaya), no (karmic bondage) no effective manifestation of karma, and no variations according to method of inquiry into the nature of the soul (based upon the principle of classification).

54. In the (pure) soul there is no stage of the duration of bondage, or of emotional excitement or of self-purification or of the acquisition of self-control.

55. The classification of the organic beings (according to the principle of biological development) and the classification of man (according to the principle of ethico-spiritual development) are not applicable to the pure soul, since all the above-mentioned differences are the result of the manifestation of the material conditions.

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