Samayasar (Jiva-Ajiva)

Acharya Kundkund

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39. Some of those ignorant people who maintain that the Self is but the non-self, not knowing the true nature of the Self, assert that the Self is identical with such psychic states as desire, etc. In the same way some others state that the Self is identical with karmic matter.

40. Others believe the psychic potency, which determines the intensity or mildness of conscious states to be the soul. Still others identify the soul with non-karma matter, which forms the constituent elements of the various kinds of organic bodies.

41. Some consider the manifestation of karma (resulting in pleasure or pain) to be the Self; some others believe that what determines the intensity or mildness of the edonic state (which is the fruit of karma) is the Self.

42. Some others state the Self to be jiva and karma taken variously or together; still others consider the self to be the product of the combination of the various karmas.

43. Thus in many ways perverse-minded people identify the Self with the non-Self with the non-Self; therefore, by believers in reality, they are declared to be not paratmavadins (those who do not believe in the identity of jiva and paramatman.

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