Lecture series on Samansuttam - Prof. Bhupal Daryapurkar

Samansuttam is a comprehensive compilation of 756 verses in Ardhamaagadhi language. It is the essence of the Doctrines of the Jain Religion. It includes the code of Jain ethics and the process of gradual spiritual enhancement from the mundane life to the liberated soul in a traditional & rational way. It is the first comprehensive study agreed by the prominent Jain Acharyas, eminent scholars, and dignitaries of all the Jain sects.

Samansuttam Lecture 1: Jina and Jainism; Tirthankara; Descending and Ascending Time Cycles; Antiquity of Jainism; Story of Bharat Chakravarti, Jainism as a way of happy life here and after

Samansuttam Lecture 2: Principles of Jainism; Absolute in Jainism & Vedanta; Inword and Outword outlook of the Soul; Right Vision (Samyak-darshan)

Samansuttam Lecture 3: Namokar Mantra as Mangal (Auspiciousness); God and Jina; Meaning of Namokar Mantra

Samansuttam Lecture 4: Nature of Arihant, Siddha, Aachaarya, Upaadhyaaya, and Saadhu

Samansuttam Lecture 5: Namokar and language; Color Science; Leshyaa and Gunasthaana

Samansuttam Lecture 6: Importance and Nature of the Recitation of Namokar; No worship of perticular names; God is not a creator and destroyer in Jainism; The terms "Om" and "Arhat"

Samansuttam Lecture 7: Arihantas and Siddhas as Gods in Jainism; God in other religions; God and the theory of Karma; No incarnation in Jainism; Cause and effect theory

Samansuttam Lecture 8: Importance, Devotion, and Worship of Jina idol; References from the Hindu Puranas; The principle of "Out of Nothing, Nothing comes" and God