Prof. Bhupal Daryapurkar – Profile


Residence: Solapur, Maharashtra State, INDIA

Year born: 1933 in Karanja, Maharashtra (Kashi of Jainas – Center of Jain knowledge)


Professional Education

M.A. in Psychology


Religious Education

Nyaytirth Darshan Shastri (Highest Degree in Jain Logic and Sanskrit)

Thesis Topic: Perception in Jain Logic

Detailed study of Fundamental Granthas in Jainism like:

Tatvarthsutra Sarvathsiddhi

Sagar Dharmamrut








Professional Career

Ø      Principal of Walchand College of Arts for 3 years

Ø      Retired as a Professor of Psychology, Logic and Scientific Method at Walchand College of Arts in Solapur teaching undergraduate and graduate students

Ø      Visiting professor to Sangameshwar College, Pandharpur College, Baramati College, Akkalkot College, many other colleges in and around Solapur

Ø      Member of board of studies for Psychology & Philosophy in Shiwaji University



Ø      Wrote 30 Books in Psychology, Logic and Scientific Method as per Graduate Curriculum

Ø      Articles on various Jain topics in Jain Periodicals and local newspapers such as a series of articles on Mahavir and Modern Psychology, The Jains as a minority community in India, Mahatma Gandhi and Jain Adhyatma, etc.

Ø      Written Jain stories and Tirthankar charitras for children as part of the project by Institute of Jainology, Pune


Jainism Speeches

Ø      Lecture series on Samansuttam – available on

Ø      Represented view of Jainism in the Cleveland Conference of Religion on: “Ways to Peace” in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Ø      Spoke at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, USA – “Jainism at a Glance”

Ø      Participates and provides expert comments in the Jain Study Group in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This group meets monthly and is currently discussing “Tatvarthsutra”.

Ø      Swadhyaya Mandal Solapur – Lecture series on “What is Religion in reference to Jainism”

Ø      Lectures during Puryushan Parva at Akkalkot, Kilari, Karanja, Solapur, etc.


Currently working on the following Projects in Jainism

Ø      Interpretation of Jain Shravakachar in relation to modern western psychology especially in relation to Social Psychology

Ø      Interpretation of various problems like pollution, crime etc. in relation to Jain Principles

Ø      Marathi Translation of “Shatkhandagam”, one of the fundamental Jain granthas

Ø      Comparative study of Jainism to other isms in India, such as Jainism and Buddhism, Jainism and Vedantism, Jainism and Islam etc and some other isms from abroad

Ø      Comparison of Jain Philosophy with some eastern western philosophers and well known scientists like Einstein and so on

Ø      Marathi and English translation of Jain Darshan in Hindi by Pandit Dr. Mahendrakumarji Jain