PREFACE TO THE ENGLISH EDITION by Dr. Helmuth von Glasenapp


The original German edition 1 of the present work, for which in July, 1914, the degree old Doctor of Philosophy was conferred upon me by the University of Bonn, appeared in print in May, 1915 (published by Otto Harrassowiz, Leipzig). That small edition was completely sold out in 1919; a new issue is not to be expected because of the high cost of printing at the present time. It has given me great pleasure, therefore, that through the munificence of Mr. Jivanlal Pannalal, Bombay, I am in the position to make my work accessible to the friends and admirers of Jain Philosophy in an English edition. The text of the English translation is, in general, a reproduction of the German original; only here and there I considered slight alterations and improvements to be necessary. From books that have appeared since the publication of the German edition I have been able to use only the following:

Jagmanderlal Jaini, M.A., Outlines of Jainism, Cambridge, 1916. Dr. W.Kirfel, Die Kosmographie der Inder, Bonn, 1920.


Dr. Walther Schubring, Das Mahanisha-Sutta, Berlin, 1918. Mrs. Sinclair Stevenson, The Heart of Jainism, Oxford, 1915.


I have not been able to take advantage of works published since 1914 in India, because they are not accessible to me.


The difficulty which besets a European in penetrating into an intricate Indian philosophical system may have been the cause of many a detail requiring supplementary correction. I would feel deeply obliged to Jain scholars if they would kindly communicate to me remarks which serve the enlargement of the knowledge of Jain Philosophy, so that I can utilize them in my further studies in this field, so little explored hitherto.


To the Rev. Dr. Robert Zimmermann, S.J., Professor of Sanskrit, St.Xavier's College, Bombay, I am thankful for his friendly assistance in the publication of the English edition; to Mr. G. Barry Gifford for the trouble undergone and zeal shown in undertaking the difficult task of translating this work.


17 Bendler Strasse,


February, 1921 Privatdocent an der Universitat Berlin