Chapter 1 Search for happiness


Chapter 2 Know thyself


Chapter 3 Samyaktva, the basis of Jainism


Chapter 4 Ashtakarma, eight types of Karma


Chapter 5 Theory of Karma and cycle of rebirth


Chapter 6 Questions and answers about the theory of Karma


Chapter 7 Shaddravya, the six substances


Chapter 8 Nav Tattva : Jiva and Ajiva


Chapter 9 Nav Tattva : Punya and Paap


Chapter 10 Nav Tattva : Asrava and Bandha


Chapter 11 Nav Tattva : Samvar and Nirjara


Chapter 12 Nav Tattva : Other factors conducive to Nirjara


Chapter 13 Nav Tattva Liberation


Chapter 14 Ladder of elevation


Chapter 15 Syadvad


Chapter 16 History of Jain Sects and Scriptures