Fear is not the characteristic of soul . It is animal instinct of mundane being . Soul is all powerful in its nature and cannot be swayed by any kind of fear . Thus a man of spiritual awakening and Ahimsa persuasion feels not a tinge of fear ; because he discriminates between soul and body . He believes rightly that his soul is all powerful and indestructible . It is only the physical body that can be hurt , which he will have to leave one day in order to occupy a new body , until and unless he wipes off all dirt of Karmas . Lord Mahavira declared that a true believer harbours no fear , since he remines always aware of his soul nature and becomes Nissanka ( Fearless ) and Nikkanchhi ( non-ambitious ); because the fear in itself is an offspring of imagination based on wrong belief of regarding body as one’s Self . This wrong imagination creates all kinds of evil ; for a man who dreads , knows nothing about what he dreads and the real cause of the same . Consequently he behaves beyond all reason , simply to foster his wrong belief and to serve his lowest selfishness . This in not the way of Ahimsa ; but the pity is that it is the evil which has dominated the present world .

         Lord Vardhamana Mahavira , the last Jaina Tirthankara showed the Right way of Ahimsa and for His fearless attitude of Ahimsa . He came to be known as the Great Hero-Mahavira . He made one and all free of fear and danger . Generally courage and bravery for the right cause pass for heroism ; but with Mahavira the condition for being a fearless hero was to subdue one’s lower nature and conquer one’s own self ; because by conquering the self through Ahimsa only a being can fully manifest the all powerful nature of one’s Soul . The Great Soul of Mahavira imbibed this humance spirit from a previous birth , when his soul was embodied in the body of a lion . Saint Ajitanjaya discoursed to that lion on the nature of soul and Ahimsa principle , which went deep into the heart of that lion and forthwith it stopped to kill animals and took to vegetarian diet . Likewise people , whether placed in precarious situation like the Eskimos of Greenland , if they would imbibe the Truth of Ahimsa then certainly they would endeavour to follow a life of Ahimsa , caring least for the body . Fear is connected with body and a true believer of Soul knows it well . He sheds away the shackles of false fear and becomes an ideal hero and an embodiment of safety and security for all living beings . Mahavira’s life incidents vouchsafe this fact .

         From the very boyhood , Shri. Vardhamana Mahavira was an ideal youth full of enthusiasm to help the needy and to serve the afflicated one . Once he subdued a cobra , which threatened his play mates and thus made them free of danger and fear . On another occasion he ran to rescue his people , when he heard that a mad elephant was harassing them and tamed it through his Ahimsa . Lord Vardhamana Mahavira saw the reign of animosity and inequality prevailing around ; instantly he left home , giving away all his clothes and seclusion to study the nature of things and practicability of Ahimsa . He heard that people of Ladha country are harsh and cruel in their behaviour ; forthwith He retired to that country and offered passive resistence in the way of Ahimsa . Lost in meditation He was standing but the Anaryan people of Ladha , hurled their hounds upon him , but they were helpless before the Ahimsa of Mahavira . His silence and fearlessness changed the heart of those people . Mahatma Gandhi also , encountered and boldly faced a similar incident in South Africa , where he pacified an hostile dog by taking it into his embrace . Immence and unselfish love works in its own way ; it being the characteristic of soul , influences the souls positively . Very ferocious Rudra , and incarnation of barbarity itself , encountered and attacked Mahavira , because Mahavira was out to make the world free of fear and wrong beliefs . At that time Ujjain was the centre of bloody sacrificial cult . Mahavira with his Ahimsaist attitude appeared on that very spot . This enraged the Rudra . How two objects which were poles asunder could have been reconciled ? But Mahavira was out to reconcile the seeming opposites . While he stood in deep meditation in the cremation ground of Ujjain , Rudra molested him and inflicted all kinds of injuries on the Great Hero ;but Mahavira remained unswerved and bore all the suffering with unflinching courage , peace of mind and immense love . His forbearance and love appealed to that heart of Rudra , who begged pardon for his misbehaviour and became a convert of Ahimsa cult . Thus Mahavira worked and lived for the good of all living beings in the Right Ahimsa Way .

         In our days Mahatma Gandhi made wonderful experiments in Ahimsa life and showed us the

“ Right Path ” by his humance and marvellous deeds of courage . Sectarian animosity worked havocs at Noakhali and other places . People forgot that they were human beings and not brutes . Nature has not created them as fanatical sectarians or hostile nations ; but the flesh-food , drinks and other wrong beliefs have made them so . The curse of the slaughtered milions of animals had made the animal instinct of barbarity to cloud their sense of humanity . People became bitter enemies of each other and ruthless massacre took place . Dread and disharmony ruled over men . Mahatma Gandhi saw all this and he ran to the spot single-handed and unprotected . His immense love and Ahimsa worked out miracles . People came to their senses and recognised their mistake . Right knowledge of human nature and soul culture , as well as its power is thus most essential to elliminate the prevailing dread and fear in the world .

         In fact , dread and fear are the outcome of ignorance of soul-force . The moral force of Ahimsa is more effective than the brutal physical force . Brute force breeds hatred and disharmony , which result in conflict and distress . Look at the animal world : there too , the dread and disharmony prevails only through the carnivorous animals , such as tigers , wolves etc . Birds and animals of the type of sparrows , cows , horses and others always live in peace and never molest each other . Carnivorous animals are ferocious and they are a menace , a source of fear and dread to humanity , whether they be man or beast . Experience shows that the family environment and its influences are very effective in forming a character and habits of the man . Children reared up in a family where meat dishes are served and begged carcasses of animals are brought from sport , become hardhearted and aggressive in nature . They take delight in destroying the life . On the other hand , the children of vegetarian parents are found more humance , rational , kind and morally courageous . A boy of a carnivorous neighbour of my vicinity was always seen prowling to catch hold of birds and pigeons . His mouth always became watery at the sight of poor pigeons . Once he pounced upon a pigeon babe . My daughter was standing by , who has been taught the animals way of life . Although she was younger in age than the boy , she could not bear the sight . Her humance instincts were roused . She proved herself morally more courageous and instantly tried to save the poor bird ; but physically she was not a match for that aggressive boy . finding herself helpless , ahe raised a cry and her attendant turned up and rescued the pigeon . It shows that cruel and aggressive element , which creates fear and dread predominates only among those beings , who are addicted to meat eating and killing life . They are a real cause of fear to their own soul and to their neighbours too . As the Ahimsa manner of life is peaceful and is morally of high standard , so it alone can save humanity from dreadful aggressors .

         These are facts of Truth ; but the modern enlightened persons are less inclined to listen to them . Howsoever good and rational teaching it may be , yet it won’t appeal to a modern mind ; because it is not proved in a Science laboratory . No doubt , the achievements of Science are great and convincing yet being shorn of humance and spiritual considerations they had so far been the main cause of wars and conflicts . Great Scientists like Eddington and Ainstein admitted that modern science had achieved nothing to know about man and his nature . And so rightly Dr. O. E. H. Rydbek , eminent Swedish Geo-Physicist advised young scientists of India “ not to copy blindly Western methods . ” He remarked further that “ While scientists must work for the betterment of their nations , they should not function in a narrow nationalistic way , because worst may come of that .” He continued : “ India is fortunate in her leaders ... I believe , if you will never forgot the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi and Gurudeva Tagore and never be followed by materialism or fall a prey to the temptations that follow in the wake of industrial development , you will be good and happy scientists.” This applies equally to all the scientists of the world . In fact , researches of Science must be butteressed with the humance teaching of Ahimsa . West is West , because it denied the spiritual aspect of human teaching and remained absorbed in material progress , which has ended only in cruel barbarity of wars anddreads . And East is East so long as it cared little for material aspect , and realising the soul and its unforseen powers , made high strides in the realm of spirituality . But a synthesis of material and spiritual knowledge is vital for the full manifestation of divine nature of soul . The Jaina Tirthankara recognised this Truth and discouraged upon the realities of Soul and matter in a scientific way . With them Religion was a Science based on a sound reasoning of cause and effect . They gave a very unique system of Thought in Their Knowledge of Anekanta logic . Modern education can derive great benefit by a unbiassed  study of this Science of Religion .

         Today nobody can deny the gravity of the hour , since a race of making progress in atomic weapons of warfare is rampant in every nation of the planet . Certainly the present situation demands constant readiness to think and act seriously , so that the dread and fear of a very severe third World War could be avoided . Is it possible to avoid this catastrophical disaster by hairsplitting researches in atomic theories of destruction or by the creation of piles of atom-bombs ? Certainly not . These armaments only go further to frighten the common man . The only solution for this dreadful entanglemant and calamity is to spread the Right Knowledge of Soul and Matter . This knowledge , when it dawns in the minds of the scientists , will make them use their genius for the good of all . Atomic achievements must be utilised only to alleviate the pain and misery of the humanity . Lord Boyd Orr , winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for 1949 , is reported to have said that .

         “ The nations of the world are insane they are applying their energies to building up a war machine , instead of applying world’s steel industrial production to conserving the resources of the land .”

         He seems to suggest that with greater production of the land , the present food-problem would be solved and the present unrest would be subsided to some extent ; but unless and until the real cause of fear , dread and scarcity of commodities is removed , goodwill cannot prevail and the permanent peace cannot be established in the world . It will be the glory of man , when he will believe in the true natures of Soul and Matter and live a life of Ahimsa . Then and then alone peace and prosperity will pervade the universe .

         Ahimsa reconciles soul to soul and removes the ill caused by any kind of fear . Common man , who wants to be happy , has to learn this Truth and it would make him free and courageous to think , speak and act for the good of all . He would live in peace and would help others to live in peace ; since in the present age it is the common man who creates the Government . If the common man of the world , who stands in need of mutual goodness and cooperation , believes in Ahimsa mode of life , he should strive hard to raise the public opinion in favour of the sublime and glorious principle of Ahimsa so that the Government of the future may come to be ruled by politicians of Ahimsa leaning and tendencies . This situation of national government’s of a World Government . Then , in the words of Mahatma Gandhi : ---

         “ Fear gone , there can be no hatred .”

         Then humanity would rule over nations and the common man would be happy .