The total of Increasing and Decreasing divisions in perfect vow stage are the steady combinations i. e., 45 + 36 = 8 1.


־ֽ֭֯֝ ϵִ֤ע֤־ֳӐ l

״ֳ֓Ӑִ֕ ״׻֤ ־ Ӑ ll 579 l

־ίָã֭ ϵ֟֯ϴָ֢־γ֛ l

״֣õ ֛֬ ״׻֟ ־ ־׭֟ ֛: ll 579 ll


579. With reference to (own-place, other place or) at together, other, place, all the combinations of Vowless and Perfect vow being added to the combinations of Wrong belief form all combinations (Increasing, Decreasing etc.)



All combinations of body-making-Karma are shown below in the Table.


Table 37 of all the combinations of bondage-places in the body making Karma.



Increasing Combinations.

Decreasing Combinations.

Steady Combinations.

Indescribable Combinations

Refer to verses. Numbered.

I. Wrong Belief





IV. Vowless





VII. Perfect Vow





XI Subsided Delusion.









Grand Total. 17,88,12,064



֐ָ ϯ֤ ן 㾾־ָ֝֟֝ l

ֵכִsӟ֝sֹע ִק ll 580 ll

֍ָ ϻָ֟ ׾֭ ԯָã֭ӟ׭ l

ύןִ: ӟ֭sֹ֭ ן ִק™: ll 580 ll


580. (Binding a large number of sub-classes) in another spiritual stage (after binding a smaller number) previous to that stage, (and binding a large number previously and a smaller there, after in another stage) are (respectively called) Increasing and decreasing (bandages). Repeated (bondage) is aid to be that where the number of sub-classes remains the same, but same (sub, classes) do not continue (to be bound).



To take an example of repeated bondage place.

29 sub-classes can be bound as 29 H. D. viz., without Tirthankara but with bone Karma, and also as 29 C. T. t1amely with Tirthankara without bone Karma:


֐ָ ϯ֤s֢־ և ֲִӬ l

פ Ͼ׽Ӭ ֲӐ Ӑ ll 581 ll

֍ָָֻ֭֭֟־֭֟ ã֯׵֟ ֲִ֭: l

־ן Ͼãֲ֭֟: ֳ: õ ֛ ll 581 ll


581. Taking into consideration the Increasing, Decreasing and indescribable (bondages); (all of them) are steady bandages on are, count of being equally bound (for more than one instant). (There.. fore the aggregate of) their combinations is (equal to) (steady) combinations.


כ ׸ꌍꌍ֟ Ӭ֐ӟ l

Ӭ Ͼ֢־ Ͼ׽ ײפִֵ֤ ll 582 ll

ן֟ 韾 ׭֡ӿ֟ ӿ֓ ֭֍ֿ֭ l

֭ß ֟־ Ͼã֟ ׫ߵִֵפ: ll 581 ll


582. (A saint) in subsided delusion (not binding any sub, class of body making Karma), descends (to 10th,) (and) binds one (Fame Karma) ; (if he) dies. (he binds) twenty one or thirty (sub, classes each with 8 combinations). (Thus there are seventeen) Indescribable, bondage (combinations); (the same are) the steady ones, (because they are bound) in second instant, and further.



As has been shown in table No. 37, there are 17 Indescribable and 17 Steady Bondage combination in the 11th stage. A saint in the 11th stage does not bind any body-making sub-class. But this is a stage from which there is no progress. He must come back to 10th or to 4th stage on death. If he descends to 10th, he will bind one Fame Karma with one combination. (Vide Table to verse 637). If he dies, and comes to 4th vowless stage, then he will bind 29 H. D. or SO H. D. T. each with B combinations. Thus there are 17 Indescribable combinations. As they can continue for more than one instant, steady combination are also seventeen.


End: of description of Bondage 01 BOdJ1-maJdng Karma. NOTE:- Operative place. of Body-making Karma are described in the following :


׾֐ָ߸ ָ߸״ ָ߸֢֕ l

֝־ד֢֯֕ ֝ ӓ ֻ ll 583 ll

׾֐ִԿָ߸ ָ߸״ָ ָ߸ֵԯ l

֭־֓: ֵԯ֟ ֘ ֻ: ll 583 ll


583. (There are) gradually five periods of operation (of body making Karma). (I) during transmigration. having Karmic body vibration. (2) during mixed body vibration. (3) during completion of bodily developement. (4) on completion of respiration development, and (5) (on completion of) speech (developement till the end of life).



There are variations of the number of sub-classes operating at a particular time. Five different periods have been taken into consideration as below:


(1) A soul going from one body to another has a transmigration period with Karmic body vibrations. This kind of vibration is also found during 3 out of B instants of Omniscient overflow, though there is no transmigration.

(2) When a soul reaches a nucleus, it begins to complete its capacity of development, which is of 6 kinds in a rational being i.e., (1) assimilative, (2) body, (3) sense, (4) respiration, (5) speech, (6) and mind (vide Jiva Kanda Chapter Ill). Each capacity is to be completed within an Antar-muhurta; and the period for the completion of all six developments does not exceed one Antar-muhurta. They are gradually completed. So the second period of operation of Body-making Karma is taken to be from the first instant of eonceptio1 to the instant preceding the completion of Body development capacity.

(3) On completion of bodily capacity till the instant preceding completion of respiration capacity. This third period lasts for an Antar-muhurta.

(4) On completion of respiration capacity to the instant preceding com passion of speech capacity. The fourth period has also a duration of an Antar-muhurta.

(5) The 5th period extends to the whole life time. It Commonness from the instant of. completion of speech capacity.


ן׋ ִֵ ӟֵ ן׾ l

׽֍ֻ ׸ ֍ֻ ll 584 ll

ֵ ִֵ ϭִԍ: ס¾ׯ l

Ϭß֭֍ֻ: ָõ ֍ֻß ll 584 ll

581. Period of operation (during transmigration is) one or three instants. In each of the other three one Antar Muhurta. In the last, (whole life time) minus the (aggregate) period of the proceeding (four conditions).


־֢֯֕֝ ׋׾ ֻ ֈ֌ l

ӓ׾ ן ֝ ָ׸֓ֈ ll 585 ll

־˸ֵԯ֭֟ ־ׯ ֻ ֟ l

֘ׯ ־׭֟ ִָ֭õ׸֓֟ l 585 ll


585. There are only (the first) two periods of operation in all the totally undevelopable souls, the (first) four among the incensed, while the five in mobiles; the last four in assimilative body.



(1) All undevelopable souls have only two periods of operation (I) transmigration period (2) Mixed-Body vibration period; because they die before completing the capacities.

(2) One sensed beings cannot have speech development period. They have four periods only. (I) transmigration (2) Mixed-body vibration (8) completion of bodily development (4) completion of respiration development. Of course their fourth period or operation will last till their whole life.

(3) Mobiles have all the five periods of operation.

(4) Saints in Assimilative body in 6th stage do not have trans-migration period.

׻ֵ״ ֳֻ ן l

ֻ ִ㐑֤ ֝֐ ӓ ll 586 ll

׻֍״ִֻ꓌ ן ֿ: l

ֻ ִ֟ ֝֍ ֘ l 586 ll


586. During withdrawing (soul-spatial Units) in (Omniscient) overflow, (there are) gradually (five) periods-(l) Karmic (vibratory), (2) Physical mixed (vibratory), (3) Physical (vibratory). (4) Respiration and (5) Speech.


ֻ ֛֐ֻ ״ l

֤ ֯ פ ֵ־ ll 587 ll

ֻ ׫ ֙ õ ״֡ l

ָ֟ ֍ ݴ֝ ־ן ֟־: ll 587 ll


587. There is physical (vibratory period) during the two stick-like. (Danda) (overflows, expanding. and with drying the spatial units), mixed (vibratory period) in the two door like (Kapata) (overflows in both the conditions); and only Karmic (vibratory period) in the (two) Sheet-like {Pratara}, and in the full universal expansion (Lokapurna). Know this please.



During Omniscient overflow the spatial units of the soul expand; in the first instant, they take the form of a long stick, the expansion is linear; in the second instant they become door-like; the expansion is in two dimensions but limited; in third instant they spread like sheet occupying the universe ,except the area of the three kinds of atmosphere surrounding the universe!, in fourth instant, they occupy the whole universe; in 5th instant they withdraw themselves into sheet form; in sixth instant, they further withdraw into door. form; in seventh instant, they become like a stick, and in eighth instant, they assume the form of the body of the omniscient. When the spacialunits are in form of sloop whether in expansion Or withdrawal, there is physical body vibration. When they are in door form in both the conditions, theory is physical mixed vibration. When they are in sheet form either expanding or withdrawing or when Occupying the whole universe there is Karmic body Vibration. When they are in the original body they are like a developable five-sensed soul.


ֲִָ֬ ևևԝ ן֕㴴֝ l

֐֤֕֝ 㴴ꌍ ׾֐ ֝ ll 588 ll

ִ֤֬֫ ן֕֟ԭ סֵ㐴ִ֭ l

֐ֵֿ֤ 㐴 ׾֐ ֭: ll 588 ll


588. During transmigration (period, when a soul goes with turnings) (there is operation of. twenty-one sub-classes of) Body making Karma; i. e., twelve steady operative (namely, electric and Karmic bodies, colour etc., four, steady and unsteady, beautiful and ugly, not-heavy light, and formation) one (out of four) conditions, (five) geniuses, and (one) three pairs of mobile (immobile gross fine, and undevelopable developable); and (one) of the pairs of amiable, (not-prepossessing) impressive (non-impressing). And fame (-notoriety). (and one of four) migratory forms.



When a soul goes direct to another condition, without any turnings, it has operation of 24, and not of 2 I , as stated in the verse following.


ֲִָ֬ ևևԝ ן֕㴴֝ l

֐֤֕֝ 㴴ꌍ ׾֐ ֝ ll 588 ll

ִ֤֬֫ ן֕֟ԭ סֵ㐴ִ֭ l

֐ֵֿ֤ 㐴 ׾֐ ֭: ll 588 ll


589. During (period of) mixed (body vibration), there is operation of twenty-four i. e., deducting migratory form from the above said twenty-one, an adding) one of three bodies (physical. fluid, and assimilative), (one) of 6 figures, one of the two individual (and common), and self-destructive.


״ ם Ӑ֐ִ֤֝ l

֝ ֤ ֐ פ l 590 ll

ָ֤Ӑ֯㋝ ֤־֤ ׾ִֵ׾ֹ l

־֓ ֯㋝ ן֟ ׻ם ll 591 ll ִ l

״ ׭ : ϛ ֈ˸ִָ֭ l

֋ ִָ֭֭֭֍ ־ן ll 590 |

ִָ֛֟ ֟ׯ׫ ׾ֵs׾ֹ l

־֓ ֟ ߣ ׻׭ ll 591 ll 㐴ִ l


590-591. During mixed (body vibration of) the mobiles, the aforesaid (4 sub-classes). with one (of three) limbs and minor limbs and one of six bones operate. Other-destructive. the two Hot (and cold) light, (one of two) movements (operate) on completion of bodily (capacity) Respiration and any of two Voices also on completion of that (bodily capacity). Tirthankara (operates) in omniscient only.


א֓ֈ ӟ֢ א֟ע ׬ֵ l

ֽ֝ ־ Ͻ ן ִ ll 592 ll

׾ִֿ֟ؾֿ ֟ ءֿפן ׍׬֍l

ã֭֭ ־™ ־׭֟ ֭: ll 592 ll


592. (There) are (twelve) operation places of body, making Karma. (They are) of twenty, (twenty ) one, twenty- four and (successively) increasing by one till thirty-one, and of nine and eight.



֤פ Ӥ ׾ִ֝׾ָ֝֋Ӥ l

אײןִ֓֯֋ ׾ָ뇤 ll 593 ll

ִ֋ֵֻ׾ֵֻ׾ִָ֝ l

ֵֻ׾ִֵֻ֋ ֕֯ӓ֍׾ֵֵֻ ִ 564 ִִ

֟ן֍ ۭ ׾ִֿ֭׭ָֿۭ: l

׫סִ֭֓֯ ׾ָֿۭ: ll 593 ll

ִ֭֍׾֍׾ֿ ֭µָ : l

֍׾֍ִ֭: ֵ֖֯֘׾֍֍: þ״֭: 564 㴴ִ


593-594. Possessors (of the eleven operation places from twenty-one to eight are respectively) (1) beings of four conditions (2) one-sensed. (3) special human, celestial, hellish and one-sensed. (4) ordinary one, two. three, four and five (.sensed), (5) special (humans) celestial, hellish and one, sensed (6) and (7) ordinary (men), all and not-all,(sensed), special men, celestial and hellish, (8) all and not-all (sensed) and ordinary (men) (9) vibrating (omniscience), five (sensed) and not-all-sensed. and (10) and (11) , (non-vibrating omniscient).




Possessors of different operative places are explained as below:

(1) Operative place of 2 I. I t is possible in transmigratory condition of all the four kinds of existences, when souls go with turnings from one life to another, but not direct. Also in Tirthankara with Karmic vibration. The 21 sub-classes are.-the twelve ever. Operative i. e., electric and Karmic bodies. four colour etc., steady and unsteady, beautiful and ugly, not-heavy-light, formation; one of four conditions, one of five kinds of genus. one of mobile and immobile, One of gross and fine, one of developable and undevelopable, one of amiable and non-prepossessing, one of ,impressive and non-impressive, and one of fame and notoriety, and one of four migratory forms. In Tirthankaras, Tirthankara will operate instead of migratory sub-class form.


(2) Operative place of 24. This is possible in undevelopable condition with mixed body vibration in one-sensed only.

The sub-classes are the above 21 minus I migratory form and plus one of three bodies; one of 6 figures, one of individual and common and I self-destructive.


(3) Operative place of 25. It has three variations:

(a) Adding other destructive to the above 24, they operate in one sensed on completion of bodily development capacity.

(b) Adding assimilative limbs to the above 24, they operate in saint producing assimilative body during its mixed vibration.

(c) Adding fluid limbs to the above 24, they operate in fluid body mixed vibration period of celestial fond hellish.

(4) Operative place of 26. They have 3 variation.

(a) Add hot or cold-light to 25 (a). They operate on completion of bodily capacity in one-sensed.

(b) Add respiration to 25 (a). They operate on completion of respiration capacity in one-sensed.

(c) Add physical limbs and one of six kinds of bones to the above 24. They operate in two to five sensed sub-humans, ordinary humans, and in both the door-like overflows of ordinary omniscience with physical mixed vibration.


(5) Operative place of 27. There are four variations.

(a) Adding to the above 24, Assimilative limbs, Other destructive. Graceful movement-the 27 are operative in a saint of 6th stage on completion of capacity of Assimilative body.

(b) Add Tirthankara Karma to the above 26, in (4) c in both the door-like overflow of omniscience. These 27 are operative in a Tirthankara in the stage of omniscient overflow.

(c) Adding to the above 24, fluid limbs. Other-destructive. Graceful movement for celestials, and awkward movement for the hellish, these 27 are operative in celestial, and hellish beings, on completion of their bodily capacity.

(d) Adding to the above 24, Other-destructive, one of the two, hot and cold-light, and respiration, these 27 are operative in one-sensed on completion of respiration capacity.


(6) Operative place of 28. There are three variations.

(a) Adding to the above 24, Physical limbs, one of 6 bones; other-destructive and one of two movements-these 28 are operative in ordinary humans. in an omniscient entering his own body after overflow, and in two-to-5-sensed. on completion of bodily capacity.

(b) Adding to the above 24, Assimilative limbs, Other destructive, Graceful movement, and Respiration, these 28 are operative in a saint with Assimilative body, on completion of Respiration capacity.

(c) Adding to the above 24, fluid limbs, Other-destructive, one of two Movements, and Respiration ..these 28 are operative in celestials and hellish beings. on completion of respiration capacity.


(7) Operative place of 29. There are six variations.

(a) Adding to the 28 in 6 (a) Respiration, these 29 are operative in ordinary humans and in an omniscient entering his own body after overflow. on completion of respiration capacity.

(b) Adding to the above :!4. Physical limbs, one of 6 Limbs, Other-destructive, one of two Movements, Cold-light; these 29 are operative in, on completion of bodily capacity.

(c) Adding to the above 24, Physical limbs, one of 6 Bones, Other-destructive, one of two Movements, and Respirations, these 29 are operative in 2-to.5-sensed, on completion of respiration capacity

(d) Adding to the above 24, Physical limbs, the highest Bone, Other destructive, Graceful movement and Tirthankara; These 29 are operative in a Tirthankara with omniscient over-flow on completion of bodily capacity.

(e) Adding to the above 24, Assimilative limbs, Other. destructive, Graceful movement, Respiration and Sweet voice, these 29 are operative in a saint with Assimilative body, on completion of speech capacity.

(f) Adding to the 28 in 6 (c), Sweet voice in Celestials, and harsh voice in hellish beings, these :!9 are operative in celestials and hellish, on completion of speech capacity.


(8) Operation place of 30. It has four variations

(a) Adding to the above 24, Physical limbs, one of 6 Bones, Other-destructive, one of two Movements, Respiration. and Cold light, these SO are operative in :-to-5-sensed, on completion of Respiration capacity.

(b) Adding to the above, 30 any of two voices, and deducting Cold-light, these SO are operative, in ordinary human and, on completion of speech capacity.

(c) Adding to the above, 24, Physical limbs, the first Adamantine bones, Other-destructive, Graceful movement, Respiration and Tirthankara, these 30 are operative in a Tirathankara with Omniscient overflow, on completion of respiration capacity

(d) Deducting Tirathankara from the above, and adding one of who Voices these 30 are operative in ordinary omniscience with over; how, on completion of speech capacity.

(9) Operative place of 3 I. 11 bas two variations.

(a) Adding to SO (d), Tirthankara, these 31 are operative in Tirthankara, on completion of speech capacity.

(b) Adding to the above 24, Physical limbs, one of 6 Bones, Other destructive, Cold-light, and one of two Movements, Respiration, and one of two Voices these 31 are operative in 2oto-5.-sensed, on completion of speech capacity.


(10) Operative places of 20. Deducting Tirthankara, from 21 above relating to Tirthankara, these 20 operate in ordinary Omniscient overflow with Karmic vibration.


(11) Operative place of 9. :See verse 589.

Human conditions, 5.sensed, Mobile, Gross, Developable, Amiable. I impressive, Fame and Tirthankara. They operate in the 14th stage of Tirthankara.

(12) Operative place of 8. The above ,9., minus Tirthankara, these 8 operate in the 14th stage of an ordinary Omniscient.



א־֯֝ אֽ֔ן׋ l

ֵֻ ׾ֵֻ׾ א֟ ׾ ד֚֝ ll 565 ll

׸ָ׾ָ֝ א֯֝֐־ן׋ ִ֤ l

֝ א־ ן֟ ll 596 ll

֤ ֈ֓։ ֝֔פӓֵ l

ן ֝֍ֻ ֵ֕ ן ־ Ͻ ll 597 ll ׾ֵ

ô֮ؾֿן֯֘ ؛ֿ™ؾֿ֡֝ ָ l

֍׾֍ׯ ֣ ׍ӿ֟ ׯ ֓:ã֭ ll 595 ll

׭ָ׾ָֿ֭ ֿ֯֟ؾֿ֡ם ִ㬤֟ l

֭µ ؾֿ ؾֿ ׬֍ ߣԴ ll 596 ll

ؾֿ׫ ֟׾ֿ֓֟ ֘؛ֿפ֘֍ : l

ءֿס֍ ֿ֍ֻ ֵ֟ ־׭֟ ־™ 597 ׾ֿӍ


595-596.597. During the (aforesaid) five periods, (respectively there) are five (operative places) from twenty-one (to twenty- seven) in one (sensed); of twenty-one; (twenty-six) and three from twenty-eight (i. e., 28, 29. 30), in humans; the same as well of thirty-one during speech completion. in all.(sensed) and not..al1. sensed (sub-humans); of twenty-one. (twenty).five and three from {twenty).seven (i. e.. 27,28 and 29). in celestial. hellish and special humans; of twenty in (ordinary omniscient over-flow like twenty-one of human (deducting Tirthankara), but in Tirthankara (over. flow) that one is to be added; the two of twenty (and twenty-one respectively in omniscient with Karmic vibration, and in Tirthankara); of twenty-one in transmigration}; the four. of twenty-four (25. 26 and 27 (11 mixed body vibration); five (each) of twenty-five (26. 27. 28 and 29) and (twenty) six (27. 28. 29 and 30) in the two (i. e.. bodily and reS1) irruption completion respectively). three of twenty-nine {30. and 31) respectively. three of twenty-nine (30 and 31 in speech vibration}; of nine and eight in non-vibrating (omniscient).



The purport of these verses is shown in the Table below Table 38, showing Operative Places of Body Making. Karma.


Five Periods.





2 to 5 sensed Sub Human.


Ordinary Omniscient


Saint, Assimilative

Karmic Vibratory.









Bodily Mixed.









Completion of Bodily development.

25 an 26



28 and 29





Completion of Respiration Development.

26 and 27



29 and 30





Completion of speech development.




30 and 31





Without Vibrations.






ֵ֕ ָ פֈ֐ ן֤ ׾ߝ l

ִ ־ Ͻ ן֟ߝ ll 598 ll

ֵ֟õ ֤ ߵֵ״ן ׾߭ l

ֿ֭ ־ ™ ߣ߭ ll 598 ll


598. Deducting the third (Feeling Karma), Age and Family from the twelve, the (remaining) nine (sub-classes) of Body making Karma, as well .as eight without Tirthankara, are operative in the non-vibrating stage.


Ӛ֝ ׾ֵ֕㴴 ׸֤֓㴴 l

׾ֹ֤ ֽ֝ Ӑ ll 599 ll

ã֭ ֭ ׾ֵֵ㐴 ָ֓֟Ԑ l

׾ָֹô֟ ã֭ ֛ ll 599 ll


599. Because of (operation of) a consistent one of (6) Figures, (6) Bones, two Movements, and the last four pairs (of Amiable, Voice, Impressive and Fame), combinations certainly (exist) in operative places.



Because of operation of anyone of 6 figures etc., there will be 6 x 6 x ~ x 2 x 2 x ~ x 2 = 1152 combinations.


֟֟ ָ֝֐ ϯ㋝ l

׾֐ֻs֋ߕ֝ ֕ Ӑ ll 600 ll

ֿ֡֟ ֍ִָ֬֍ ϯ l

׾֍זֵã֭ ֿ㐴 ֛: ll 600 ll


600. Out of the above, only bad ones (operate) in hellish, Common (vegetable), Fine (one-sensed) and undevelopables; (therefore each has only one combination), but in (operative) places of the remaining one,(sensed), not-alt.(sensed) and irrational five, (sensed), (of the pairs) all are bad, except the pair of Fame. (So there are two) combinations (in each).


֋۴ ֝۴ ꌍ ֻ ֕ l

֐֤֕֝ ן֟֕ ִ֟פ ll 601 l

ז׭ ֭µ ֓ ָ ֻ ֕ϴ l

֐ֿ֤ ߣе ßִן ll 601 ll


601. All (the 1-1-52 combinations are possible) in rational (sub, humans) and humans on account of (operation of) anyone (of 6 figures etc.); while in Omni5cient. Adamantine, Amiable. Impressive and Fame (are operative, therefore there are 24 combinations on account of 6 figures and 2 pairs of Movement and Voice); but in Tirthankara (all the Agreeable ones are operative. (so there is only one combination).


ָ ֟ ֻ׾ֵ֯֯ Ӑִ֝ꕕ l

ꓔ ם֢ ֯כ֋ ־ ll 602 ll

ָ ß ֻ׾֍ ֛ ֭: l

ܓ þ ֯ן֮֯ ־ ll 602 ll


602. (Only) one combination should be taken during all periods in Celestials and Assimilative (saints); as all the agreeable (ones are operative). Having known (sub-classes) ceasing to operate), (combinations can be known) in all the spiritual stages.


֤ߝ Ӑ אֻ֤֤֯ ӳ־ l

ֽ ֢־ ll 603 ll

ֵָ ֋ָ֢ ӕ l

ֵָӏ ֵָ֢ ֽ ll 604 ll

ֵ֢֋־ ֤׾ l

ֵָ ׾׸֐ Ӑ 605 ׾ֵ

ؾֿ֤߭ ֛ ֟ظ֤֟ ӳ־: ֿ: l

: ™: ֯ؾֿ ֭ؾִֿ ll 603 ll

ؾָֿ֙ ֟׭ ֤ ִ֘֟ן׳: ӵ㌟: l

ֿ֤֟ӏ ֿ֤֯֟׬֍: š : ll 604 ll

֭ءֿ֓׬֍ؾֿ ֟ׯ š : l

ֿ֤֟ ׾֥֍: ֛: ll 605 ll ׾ֿ֍


603-604-605. During forty-one grades (of souls), combination in (operative places of) twenty etc.. respectively, possible are one. sixty. Twenty-seven. nineteen. six hundred and twenty- twelve. eleven hundred and seventy five, seventeen hundred and sixty. Twenty-nine hundred and twenty-one. eleven hundred and sixty-one, one, and one. (All) unrepressed combinations (are 7758).



7758 combinations m operative places of Body-making Karma are shown as below:

(1) Operative place of 20 has only one combination. It is operative in ordinary Omniscience, during Karmic vibration, in sheet like and Universal overflow.

(2) Operative-place of 31 has 60 combinations.

(a) During transmigration to celestial condition in Karmic vibration it has only 1

(b) Tirthankara during omniscient overflow has 1

(c) During Transmigration to human condition in Karmic vibration. owing to variation of 3 pairs of Amiable, Impressive and Fame... ... 8

(d) During transmigration to rational sub-humans, the same .., .., 8

(e) During two-sensed to irrational five-sensed, each of the four in Karmic vibration has two combinations owing to pair of Fame etc. ... ...8

(f) Gross earth bodied, water-bodied. fire-bodied. air-bodied and Individual vegetables, each of these five. in Karmic vibration, has 2 combinations owing to pair of Fame etc., i. e., 6

(g) Fine earth, water, fire. air, Common vegetable, fine and gross both, each of these six in Karmic vibration has. only one combination i. e, ... 6

(h)Hellish beings in Karmic vibration have only

(i) Totally undevelopable beings of 17 kinds from Fine Earth etc., to human, each has one combination thus 17


Total Combinations 60


(8) Operation place of 24 has 27. They are in mixed body vibrations:

(a) Gross earth, water, fire, sir and Individual vegetables, each of five, owing to variation of I pair of Fame, has two combinations. Thus there are 10

(b) Fine earth, water, fire, air, Common vegetable both fine and gross, each of these six has one combination ... ... .., ... 06

(e) Each of the above-said II beings in their totally indevelopable condition has I combination thus ... 11

Total. 27


(4) Operative place of 25 has 19.

(a) Celestials have 1

(b) Hellish have 1

(c) Assim ilative saints have 1

(d) Each of Gross earth, water, fire, air and Individual Vegetable, has 2 combinations, owing to pail of Fame 6tc. on bodily development. thus. 10

(e) Each of the 6 Fine earth, water, fire, air and fine and gross Common vegetables, has only one combination 6

Total .. 19


(5) Operative-place of 26 has 620.

(a) Two sensed to irrational five-sensed, during Mixed body vibration period, each of 4 has 2 combinations owing to pair of Fame etc., thus... 8

(b) Rational five-sensed sub-humans owing to variations of 6 bones, 6 figures, pairs of Amiable, Impressive, and Fame, have 6 x 6 x 2 x 2 x 2 288

(c) Humans have the same 288

(d) Ordinary Omniscient in Overflow have 6 figures in variations 6

(e) Totally undevelopable earth, water, fire, air, common and individual vegetables. have each one. Thus... 6

(f) Gross earth-bodied in bodily development have 2 combinations each with operation of Hot-light or Cold-light owing to pail of Fame etc. Thus ... 4

(g) Gross water and Individual vegetables in Bodily development, have each 2 combinations owing to pair of Fame ... ... 4

(h) Each of the 5 Gross earth, water, fire. air, and individual vegetables, during respiration development, have 2 combinations owing to pair of Fame. Thus 10

(i) Each of the six, fine, earth, water-fire, air, and fine and gross common vegetables, in respiration period, has only one combination thus 6

Total 620


(6) Operative place of 27 has 12 combinations.

(a)     During bodily mixed vibration in Tirthankara omniscient overflow there is 1

(b)     Celestials in body development have 1

(c) Hellish in body development have 1

(d) Assimilative saints in body development have 1

(e) Gross earth bodied, in respiration period, with Hot or Cold light have each 2 combinations on account of pair of Fame ...4

(f) Each of gross water, and Individual vegetables, in respiration period, has 2 combinations owing to Fame pair 4

Total 12

(7) Operation place of 29 has 1175 combinations:-

(a) Ordinary Omniscient, in overflow, during body development period, with reference to variation of

2 kinds of Movements and 6 figures have 2 X 6= 12

(b) Each of the humans and rational five-sensed, owing to variations in pairs of Amiable, Impressive, Fame, Movements, 6 figures and 6 bones (2x2x2x2x6x6) have 576 combinations. Both of them have . 1152

(c) 2.sensed to irrational five sensed have each 2 com binations owing to pair of Fame. Thus ... 8

(d) Celestials, hellish and Assimilative saints, each has I combination in respiration period 3

Total 1175


(8) Operation place of 29 his 1760 combinations:

(a) Tirthankara omniscience in overflow during bodily development have .., ... .,. 1

(b) Rational five sensed with Cold-light like the above have 576


(a) Two-sensed to irrational 5.sensed with Cold light have each 2 combinations .with reference to Fame pair

(d) Ordinary omniscience in overflow, during respiration development, with reference to 6 Figures and 2 Movements have ... 12

(e) Humans and rational 5.sensed sub-humans, in respiration period, each has 576 as above 1162

(f) 2-sensed to irrational 5-sensed with Cold light have each 2, owing to pair of Fame 8

(g) Celestials & hellish beings and Assimilative saints, in speech development, have each one I .. 3



(9) Operation place of 80 has 2921 combinations:

(a) Tirthankara omniscient in overflow in respiration period has .. 1

(b) Rational sub-humans with Cold light as above have

(c) 2 to 5-sensed with Cold-light have, Each, on account of Fame pair, 2 combinations. Thus 8

(d) Ordinary omniscience, in speech development, with reference to 6 Figures, 2 Movements and pair of Voices have 6 x 2 x 2= ... 24

(e) Humans, in speech development, on account of 6 figures x 6 bones x 2 Amiable Pair x 2 impressive pair x 2 Fame pair x2 Movements x 2 Voices have 1152

(f) Rational sub-humans have also like the above 1152

(g) 2 sensed to irrational 6-sensed have each 2, owing to pair of Fame 8



(10) Operative place of 8 I has 116 I combinations.

(a) Tirthankaras have in speech development 1

(b) Rational five-sensed with Cold-light have like the above 1152

(c) 2 sensed to irrational 5-sensed have each 2 owing to

Fame pair 8


Tirthankaras with overflow have I repeated combination.

(11) Operative place of 9 has I -in non-vibrating Tirthankaras.

(I2) Operation place of 8 has I in non-vibrating ordinary Omniscients.


All taken together there are 7758 combinations as below


Places of



























ִ֋֍׻ ִ㐬֤֤ ד Ӑ l

ן֟׾ ֐ֳӐ ִפ ֟ꌍ׾֝֕ ll 606 ll

ִ֭֍׻֭: ִ㬤֟֐֟õ õ ֓ ֛: l

ߣõׯ þ֍֛: ִ ן ֭֡: ll 606 ll


606. During their speech period. the (24) combinations (of operative place of 30) in ordinary omniscients (are the same as those) in overflow. Similarly (there is) equally (one) combination (of 31) in Tirthankaras (with or without overflow). Therefore (they) should not be counted.


ָߋִ֝֝ ׸֐֝ Ӑ l

ֹ פ ׾ֵ֝ ׳ֵ֝ ״֓ Ӑ ll 607 ll

ָזִ֭µִ֝׸֭֐֭ ֛ l

ֹ ן ϯ֭ߵ ׳֝֟ ״֣õ ֛ l 607 ll


607. Not counting repeated combinations in stages above (the first). in hellish, rationales, humans and celestials, the combinations in (the stages of) wrong belief have been described.



Combinations of operative places with reference to 14 stages are described as below:

(I) Wrong belief stage.

(a) Out of 60 combinations in place of 21, leaving I of

Tirthankara there are 59

(b) All combinations of 24 27

(c) Out of 19 of 75 one combination of Assimilative

saints should not be counted 18

(d) Out of 620 of 26, 6 of omniscients be deducted 614

(e) Out of 12 of 27, deducting 2 of Tirthankara saints,

we have ... 10

f) Out of 1\75 of 28, taking away 12 of omniscients

and I of saints we have 1162


(g) Out of 1760 of 29, taking away I of Tirthankara,

12 of ordinary omniscients and I of saints we have 1746

(h) Out of 2921 of 50, taking away I of Tirthankara,

and 24 of ordinary omniscients, we have ... 2896

(i) Out of I 161 of 31 leaving one of Tirthankara we have 7692



II. Downfall Stage.


l. Operation place of 21 has 31 combinations such:

(a) Gross earth, water and individual vegetable during

transmigration, has each, two, on account of Fame

pair. Thus there are ... ... 6

(b) Two-sensed to irrational 5 sensed have, each, 2, owing

to pair of Fame. Thus... ... 8

(e) Rational sub-humans have, owing to S pairs of Amiable, Impressive and Fame have 8

(d) Humans like the above have 8

(e) Celestials have 1


2. Operation place of 24 has 6 combinations.

(a) Gross Earth, Water, and Individual vegetables, owing

to pair of Fame has each 2 combinations. Thus 6


3. Operation place of 25 has in celestial


4. Operative piece of 26 has 584 combination as below:

(a) 24 irrational as in wrong belief 8

(b) Rationales, as in wrong belief 288

(c) Humans as in wrong belief 288


5. Operations place of 29 has in celestials

6. Operation place of 30 has ...

(a) Rational have, as in wrong belief 1152

(b) Humans as in wrong belief 1152


Thus in downfall stage there are 81+6+1+584+2+2804 +I 152 = 40BO combinations.


III. Mixed Stage,

(a) Operation place of 29 in celestials and hellish has 5

(b) Operation place of 30 in rationales, sub-humans and humans as above 2804

(e) Operation place of 8 I in rationals; as above, has 1152

3458 IV. Wowless Stage.

(1) Operation place of 21 has I combination in each of four conditions thus ... ... 4

(2) Operation place of 25 with reference to first hell and

celestials has 2

6 (3) Place of 26 has 87 combinations as below:

(a) Rational five-sensed in Enjoyment region have operation of only agreeable ones as they have only . 1

(b) Rational of Work region owing to variations of 6

Figures and 6 Bones have 36


(4) Place of 27 in first hell and celestials has each I, thus ...

(5) Place of 28 has 75 combinations as below:

(a) Sub-humans of Enjoyment region, hellish of first hell,

and celestials, have each I... ... ... 3

(b) Humans owing to variations of 6 Figures, 6 Bones and

2 Movements have 72


(6) Place of 29 has 26 combinations as below:

(a) Sub-humans and humans of Enjoyment region have

operation of good Karmas. Thus each has I combination 2

(b) Celestials and hellish, each has I combination 2

(c) Humans of Work-region have as above 72


(7) Place of 80 has 2805 combinations.

(a)  Sub-humans of Enjoyment region have

(b)  Rationals and humans of Work-region have each 1152

as in wrong belief 2304


(8) Place of 31 has in rational sub-humans as in wrong belief IT52 Thus the total number of combinations in 4th stage is:

4 + 2 + 87 + 2 + 75 + 76 + 2305 + 1 152 = 3653.


V. Partial Vow Stage.

(1) Place of 30 in rational and humans each has 144 owing

to variations in 6 Figures, 6 Bones 2 Movements and 2

Voices. Thus 6 X 6 X 2 X 2 X 2 288

(2) Place of S I in rational sub-humans as above 144


VI. Imperfect Vow Stage.

(1) Place of 25 in Assimilative saints has

(2) Place of 27 in such saints

(9) Place of 2 8 in such saints

(4) Place of 29 in such saints ...

(5) Place of 80 has - in saints owing to variations of 6

Figures 6 Bones, 2 Movements, and 2 Voices


VII. Perfect Vow Stage.

Place of SO has the above ... 144


VIII. New Thought Activity.

Subsidential ladder-place of SO has owing to variations of 6 Figures 8 Bones 2 Voices and 2 Movements 6 X 8 X 2 X 2 ... 72

Destructive ladder has place of 80 with variations in 6 Figures, I Bones, 2 Movements, 2 Voices. Thus 6 X I X 2 X 2


IX. Advanced Thought Activity

Subsidential ladder the same as above . 72

Destructive ladder the same 24


X. Slightest Delusion.

Subsidential ladder the same 72

Destructive ladder the same 24


XI. Subsided Delusion.

As just above 24


XII. Delusion Less

As just above ... ... 24


XIII. Vibratory Omniscients.

(1) Place of 20 in overflow has ... 1

(2) Place of 21 with Tirthankara has 1

(3) Place of 26 in Physical Mixed owing to variations in

6 Figures has. 6

(4) Place of 27 with Tirthankara has

(5) Place of 28 has owing to variation in 8 Figures and 2 Movements.. 12

(6) Place of 2 9 has I in Tirthankara and 12 in (ordinary

omniscients as above 13

(7) Place of SQ with Tirthankara has 1

(8) Place of 31 with Tirthankara has 1

(9) 24 with reference to 6 Figures and 2 Voices

and 2 Movements har 6X2X2.... 24

Total ... 60


XIV. Non-vibratory omniscients.

(1) Place of 9 has 1

(2) 8 has 1

Total. ... 2


Thus the total combinations in 14 stages, including those in the the sub-sidential and Destructive ladders in stages VIII. IX, and X are 7692 + 40BO + 345B+3t153 +432 + 148+ 144+ 72 +72 + 72 +72 +24+ 24 + 24 + 24 + 60 = 2 = 20053.


ϛ֋ ֵ֢ ֵ֢ ן د֛ l

ֽ֝ Ӑ ֵָ֯ק ll 608 ll

™ֿ֘֟ ֿ֯֟׭ ֯֟áם ־׭֟ ׯ֋ l

ã֭ ֛ ֵָ֯֍ק™ : ll 608 ll


608. All the combinations in operative places (including the repeated ones) are seven thousand, seven hundred and fifty-eight as has been preached by (Lord Mahavira), possessor of unparalleled power.

See Commentary to Verses 603-605.


ן֤א֝ֈ ֈ ϛֈפ ߤ l

ߤ׸ ֢׸ ־ ֢ ll 609 ll

ס֤׭ן: ־ן: ™֟׬֍ֿןָןֿ l

׿ߟ™֯֟֟֯ ֯ן: ־ ֢׭ ll 609 ll


609. Existence places (of the Body-making-Karma are thirteen, namely places of) ninety-three, (ninety) two, (ninety)-one, ninety. Eighty-eight, eighty-four, (eighty) two, eighty, seventy-nine. seventy-eight, seventy-seven, ten and nine (sub-classes).


־ ןֹ֟։ ׸ֵָ֝׸ l

ۻ֤ ֈ א ֝־ֵ ll 610 ll

־ ߣ˸ֵָ ׭ָָ֭׫֟٫ l

׻֟ ֟ ֵ א֭: ֭־֍ ll 610 ll


610. (They are respectively) all, (all) minus Tirthankara, (all minus) assimilative two, (al/ minus) both (i. e.. all minus Tirthankara and assimilative two), (ninety minus) celestial two being untwisted, (eighty eight-minus) hellish four (being untwisted), (eighty-four minus) human two (being untwisted), {then) four (places) i. e., ninety-three, ninety-two, ninety-one and ninety each) being reduced by thirteen (which are destroyed in the 9th spiritual stage), (and) ten and nine appertaining to non-vibrating (omniscience)



The thirteen existence places are mentioned below:

(1) Where all the 98 sub-classes are found in existence in a soul.

(2) Where 92 exist. without Tirthankara Karma.

(8) Where 91 exist, after deduction of the Assimilative two from 93.

(4) 90 After sub-striation of Tirthankara and Assimilative two from 98.

(5) 88, after elimination of Celestial condition and Migratory form from the above 90.

(6) 84 after taking away Hellish condition and Migratory form. Fluid body and Fluid limbs from the above 88.

(7) 82, taking away Human condition and Migratory form from the above 84.

(8) Bo, after subtraction of 13 (which are destroyed in the 9th stage) from 93. Those 13 are Hellish condition and Migr atory form, Sub-human condition and Migratory form, two.

sensed to four sensed, Cold and Hot-light, one sensed, Common, Fine and Immobile (vide Verse 338 of Karma Kanda). (9) 79, after taking away Tirthankara from the above.

(9) 78, after taking away the above 18 and Assimilative two from 93.

(10) 77, after eliminating the above thirteen, Tirthankara and Assim active two from 93.

(12) 10, viz., Human condition and Migratory form, Five.sensed, Amiable, Mobile, Gross, Developable, Impressive, Fame, and Tirthankara vide Verse 841. (to) 9 viz., the above 10 minus Tirthankara.



ֵ֕ פֈ֐פ ׾ߝ l

ִ ֢ ־ ן֟ߝ ll 611 ll

ֵ֟õ ֵ ߵֵן׾߭ l

ֿ֭ ֢ ־ ˸߭ ll 611 ll


611. Taking away the third (Feeling. Karma), Age and Family from the thirteen (subclasses existing) in nonvibrating omniscient, there is existence of ten as well as of nine without Tirthankara (sub-class) of body- making Karma.




During the last instant of the 14th stage, 1 a sub-classes remain in existence. In a Tirthankara out of these, 10 been to Body-making arma. Human 3ge, High faffiily and Feeling Karma, should be ignored, because they do not appertain to Body making Karma, In an Ordinary non-vibrating omniscient, Tirthankara sub-class should not be taken into account, and only 9 will therefore!)e found in existence.


ӕֵ֤؛ ״֓ Ӭ֐Ӭߝ۴ l

㾾껻ֵ֝֯؛ םִֵ㾾껻֤ ߾ ll 612 ll

ӕ֟֯ύ؟ ״֣ ֭֐֭߭ l

֭֯ύ؟ ׭ִֵֵן ߾: ll 612 ll


612. A (wrong believing) soul, as a rule, untwists the sub classes witch come into existence while the attribute (of right belief is evolved), and tense are not bound nor do they operate in wrong belief (stage). (He also untwists) the other (nine) untwisting sub, classes. as well.



All 13 untwisting sub-classes are untwisted during the wrong belief stage. Out of these, clouded right belief and right belief mixed with wrong belief and the Assimilative two are neither bound, nor operative in the wrong belief stage, When a soul acquires Sub-sidential Right belief, some matter of Wrong belief-Karma takes the form of clouded-right belief Karma and some of right belief mixed with wrong belief, The one sub class of Wrong belief is then broken up into three sub.c1asses of the Right belief deluding Karma. The Mixed belief Karma operates only in the third spiritual stage, while Clouded right-belief in the 4th stage along with Destructive subsidential right belief. The two, Assimilative body end times, good subclasses are bound only in the 7th me 8th stages and are operative only in the 6th stage. The remaining nine i. e., the Celestial Condition and Form, Hellish Condition and Form, Fluid body and Limbs, Hnman Condition and Form, and High Family are bound in wrong belief stage and also operate therein. They can however be untvisled also in that stage: There are only 13 such sub. classes, the matter of which is untested without help of three kinds of special thought activity called Adhaha Karnna etc. Such process is termed Udvelana. It has been explained before in chapter IV. Vide verses 4~9 to 429.


ָ֢֤֟ 㾾 껻֤ ֤ ִ l

ִ״֓ ֤ ׾֐ֻ ֐ֻ ll 613 ll

ßָ֤֟ Դֵן ֟: ִ֍ l

ִې֣ ֟ ׾֍ֿ ֿ ll 613 ll


613. (A wrong believer in any of the four conditions of life, whether) one.(sensed, not-all,(sensed) or all (sensed), first of all untwists the Assimilative two, because they are good (Karmas), then clouded right-belief, Karma and thereafter Right-belief, Mexico with wrong belief Karma, and afterwards the remaining nine sub-classes).


֕ꐐ ֻ ָ ִ ִ֢ l

ִִ״֓ ׾ֵֻ 㾾֔ ll 614 ll

֤ꐵ ֻ ִִֿõ ִ֌ִ l

ִې֣ ô֭ ׾֍ ֙ ll 614 ll

614. During Period of Influence- (Vedaka Yogya Kitla) the Assimilative two (are untwisted), during the Subsidenti~1 (period). (Upashama Kala) the Clouded, and (right-wrong), Mixed-belief (Karmas are untwisted); but (untwisting 00 the fluid six (occurs) in One.(sensed), and in not all,(sensed beings).

׬֢֯ ֻӏִ֐ִ֌ l

־ ִ ״ ֕ꐐ ִ֤֟ l 615 ll

׬֯֌ ֻӏִ֓ l

־֓ ִ ״ ꐵֿ ִֿõ ֟: ll 615 ll


615. For Mobiles, (the Period of) Influence (is the duration of) Clouded or Mixed Belief Karma (minus) Pratnaktva Sngars (3 to 9) and for one sensed, one-sensed, one less an innumerable part of a Palya. The remaining duration is called Subsidential (period.)

ꈤ ֤֝ 껻֤ ֤ l

ӏꕕפ ־껻֝֍ֻ֯׸֝ ll 616 ll

׫ ֭µ׫ִ֓֟ ָ֑֭ l

ֻӏ׵ִִ֭֍ֻ֯׸ִ֝ l 616 ll


616, Human two (i. r., Human Condition and Migratory Forms and High (Family Karma) are untwisted during (Condition of) fine two i. e., fire and air bodied souls). The minimum or maximum duration of their untwisting period (is) an innumerable part of a Palya.


ֻӏ֕פ ךפ㾾껻פ ӟ l

ӏֵָ֕ךؤ ֻӏꕕ֍ֻ l 617 ll

ֻӏ׵ִ ãןִֵן ԭָ l

ӏ֐ָã؟ ֻӏ֍ֻ ll 617 ll


617. (When) duration of an innumerable part of a Palya can be untwisted in one Antar-Muhurta, (then) (untwisting of duration of numerable Sager (must happen) in a period of an innumerable part of a Palya.

ִ֢ ִ֕ ϝӕ֕֝׾ l

ֻӏꕕפ ָ כ֤֕ ߾ ll 618 ll

ִ֌ ִִֵ֭ӵ֭׾ج ˆ l

ֻӏ ָ ן֪֯ ߾: l 618 ll


618. A soul can, at most acquire (First Subsidential} Right Belief, (Destructive Subsidential Right-Belief) process of transforming . (error feeding passions into lesser passions as many times as (there are instants in) an innumerable part of a Palya.)



The mundane soul being in Wrong-relief stage at first attains First-Subsidential Right-belief. This can not last longer than an Antar Muhurata. If it acquires Destructive Subsidenth Right-belief, that may last at least for an Antar Muhurta and at most for 66 Sagars. The fifth stage of Partial vows can at the most last for the whole life of a man or a sub-human, and is lost when that soul goes to Celestial Condition of existence. Transformation of error feeding passions along with D9struclive subsidential right-belief or Second subsidential-right-Belief is also of short duration. These four conditions can repeatedly be acquired by a soul as many times as there are instants in an innumerable part of a Palya. After all these repetitions all concluded, a soul must be liberated; this would be the maximum number of repetitions. At the least, a soul can at first acquire any of these four mental conditions in the same life and can attain liberation from the same life.


֢׸ ִָؚ ִֹפ ׾֤ l

֢ ָև ӕִִֻ ם־פ ll 619 ll

֟ ִָֿ֭ם ִָן ׯ֟֍տ: l

ءָֿ֭֫ ӵֳִִֻ ׭־ן ll 619 ll


619. A soul can (at most) ascend to the Subsidential adder four times, (thereafter it must ascend to Destructive ladder), having destroyed a portion of Karmic matter.

(A soul) can (at most) have Full vows thirty-two times; (thereafter it) must be liberated. Verse 333 (is repeated here with slight difference).

ןֵָ֟֝ ־ ן֟ ״֓פןֵ l

֢֍۴ֵ֝ ֐֚֝ ֳ־և ll

ֵָ ־ ߣ ״֣֍פֵ l

֟֟֍Ս֝ ֤ãӭ ӳ׾ן ll


During the three stages of Wrong-belief etc., Tirthankara and Assimilative, and both (of them) (can) not (coexist in one soul in the Wrong belief stage). None (of them exist in Downfall stage). Tirthankara (cannot exist in the Mixed stage); (because) in the souls in which these sub-classes can exist, these stages are not possible.



A soul can not be found in Wrong belief stage with existence of Tirthankara and Assimilative two, together. But a wrong believer may have Tirthankara Karma in existence without Assimilative or may have Assimilative without Tirthankara. Both of them do not co-exist in one soul in the Wrong-belief stage. Any soul which has Tirthankara or Assimilative two in existence cannot come down to Downfall stage. Similarly a soul with existence of Tirthankara Karma cannot touch the Mixed stage.


ִָ ֜ ֝ߝ פ ֝ֈ l

ִ ִָָ ״֓ א֝ֈ ll 620 ll

ִָ ׯִ ֭߭ ־ן ֭־ן: l

ֳ ֳָָ ״֣ ־ן: ll 620 ll


620. The first (existence place of ninety-three is found) in Right-believing celestials and humans, (that of) ninety-two can be found in (souls in all the four conditions of existence but) not in their Downfall stages, and (that of) ninety one in Right-believing. celestial, as well as in right and wrong believing humans and hellish beings.

ֈ ֤פ۳ ֏־֐ע ן׸ָ֝״֓ l

ϛֈߤ ֢ ן׸״֓۴ ߤ ll 621 ll

־ן: ֟ԟ ֵ֖֯֍ ן ן֣Րϸ״֣ l

™֟ן: ֢ ןֵԛ״֣ ֿן: ll 621 ll


621. (The Existence place of) ninety (can be found in souls in (all) the four conditions of life till the stage where 13 sub-classes are destroyed. (The place of) eighty-eight and (eighty),four (are possible) in Wrong believing sub-humans and humans. The existence of eighty-two (is possible) in Wrong believing sub-humans.



A soul, in any of the four conditions of life, which has not yet bound Tirthankara and Assimilative two can have existence of 90 sub. classes only, till it acquires the 9th spiritual stage. The place of 88 can be found in wrong-believing human or sub-human, which has not yet bound or which has untwisted celestial condition and migratory form. The place of 84 is possible in those Wrong believing humans, which have untwisted, and sub-humans which have not yet bound or have untwisted celestial and hellish conditions etc. The place of 82 can only be possible in those wrong believing sub-humans which have not yet bound, or which have untwisted celestial, hellish and human condition etc.