What can  “ I ”   do to help this historic project?


  • Sponsor a language.

  • Advertise on Jain World.

  • Give donation.

  • Collect Jain Audio / Video/ Clipart/ photos /Paintings (in all the languages).

  • Identify matter to be taken on web.

  • Web design in all the languages. Final proof reading.

  • Create matter in  PDF, Unicode , HTML format.

  • Coordination with people from different languages. 

  • Identify people who can help us in translating and proofreading.

  • Increase general awareness about this project. Inform media and others.

  • Find sponsors for some of these activities. Donate tax free.

  • Collect / give donations which are tax free in USA

 Contact: Vinod Daryapurkar  [email protected]   # 678 362 2662

JainWorld, 715 Bellemeade Pl, Alpharetta , GA , 30004 , USA