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Profile of   Vinod Daryapurkar   ([email protected])

Creator of most popular and comprehensive web site on Jainism **www.jainworld.com** which has attracted wide spread audience in 103 countries form 1996  and created a new awareness about Jainism world wide. Being extended to 24 languages there by covering 95%of the world population..

Born in scholarly Jain family with open mind and broad outlook.

Deep study of Jainism, its principles and practices from early age of  3. Studied major original Jain scriptures in Prakrut and Sanskrit under the guidance of renowned scholars and monks to understand the core values and its application to our lives.

Study of other religions includes Buddhism / Christianity / Hinduism / Islam / Tao / Zen / Sufi .

Good knowledge of English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Prakrit. Working knowledge of Arabic, Gujarati, Urdu & some more languages.

Given lectures on various religious and other topics to cosmopolitan audience of    professionals, managers, University students / faculty and others over the last 20+ years.  Written several articles and given talks on Radio / TV.

Deeply interested in all branches of Yoga / Meditation / Reikie and other mystic sciences and actively studying and  practicing them from child hood. Certified Yoga /Meditation instructor. Reikie Grand Master. Taught Yoga / Meditation / Reikie, for free, to more than 5000+ people over 20 years period.


Pure vegetarian. No smoking / wine / drugs / alcohol etc.

Very simple and truly environment friendly life style.

Graduate in Engineering  & Post-Graduate in Business Management

Worked in MNC's and big groups in IT (Computers) at senior levels for the last 20+ years in and out side U S A.

Visiting Professor to Universities, teaching IT to post graduate students.

Visited 40+ countries for business and travel in Europe , America , Asia and Africa .

Greatly involved with Lions club, Toast Masters, and several Social & religious organizations.

Hobbies include ...Travel / Reading / music / teaching / lecturing  and web design.