Ath ShreeDumaswativirchitam. 


 Prashmartiprakranam l


Ath Yognirodhadhikar: ll21ll 

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On Yognirodha 

That venerable Lord (Kevali) after retiring from Samudghata, (still having of associated with) mental, vocal, and physical activities and performing activities that are fit for monks, proceeds to annihilate all activities (of mind, speech and body).  277 

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After that the Kevali who has perfectly developed five senses and mind, in a very short time controls mental activity.  He annihilates (gross) mental activities.  Then annihilates innumerable subtle activities of mind.  278. 

(Original language words are missing) 

Then the Kevali controls or annihilates unlimited gross and subtle activities of speech and vegetable Jivas, in the manner of annihilation of mental activity.  Then annihilates the unlimited gross bodily activities within short time like Panaka.  (Particular Vanaspati kayajiva).  279. 

(Original language words are missing) 

Then after annihilating gross activities of body, having subtle activities of it, meditates on Suksmakriyamapratipati.  Then after annihilating subtle activities of body, meditates on Vigatakriyanivrttidhyana in which all activities are stopped.  280. 

(Original language words are missing) 

In the last birth whatever is the configuration and hight of that Kevali, that is reduced to one fourth of its (previous) configuration and hight.  281. 

(Original language words are missing) 

After annihilating all kinds of activities, the Kevali being free from activities of mind, speech, breathing and body, destroying unlimited stock of Karma, traverses from the great ocean of mundane life.  282. 

Here ends Chapter on Yoganirodha