Ath ShreeDumaswativirchitam. 


 Prashmartiprakranam l


Ath Shiladgadhikar: ll17ll 

(Original language words are missing) 

A monk who has Right Faith and Knowledge easily accomplishes eighteen thousand divisions of (code of) conduct, by detachment, austerity, meditation, reflection and necessary (auspicious) activities.  243. 

(Original language words are missing) 

Eighteen thousand divisions of code of conduct comprise of the multiplication of (ten kinds of) religious virtues, protection of earth bodies etc., (ten kinds), restraint of (five senses), controlling food, fear, copulation and acquisition (I. e. five kinds of Sanjna), not doing, not consenting to do; and not helping others to do and controlling) activities of mind, speech and body.  (I. e. 10x10 5x 4x 3x 3 = 18000) 244. 

(Original language words are missing) 

(A monk) who is engrossed in auspicious meditation crossing the other shore of ocean of conduct which is easily accessable to great monks, attains to proper detachment.  245. 

Here ends Chapter of Conduct