Ath ShreeDumaswativirchitam. 


 Prashmartiprakranam l


Ath Jivadhikar: ll12ll 

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On Soul 

Soul, non-Soul, merit, demerit, inflow of Karma, stoppage of Karma, annihilation of accumulated Karma, Bondage and liberation are nine (fundamental) principles.  (One) has to reflect upon these, properly.  189 

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Souls are (of two kinds) liberated and Mundane.  Mundane souls are of innumerable kinds.  (Their) divisions, such as two, three, four, five and six (kinds) are to be understood on the basis of their characteristics.  190 

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(Mundane) Souls are of two kinds viz., mobile and immobile.  They (mobile) are of three types such as male, female and neuter.  Again, they are of four kinds as hellish, sub-human and divine (being).  191 

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(Souls) are said to be (on different points of vies) of five kinds, such as one sensed, two sensed, three sensed four sensed and five sensed.  And (Souls are) again of six kinds as the earth bodied, water bodied, the fire bodied, the air bodied, vegetation and mobile bodied.  192 

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In this manner, on the basis of modifications, life span (of the Soul), dwelling place, knowledge and faith, even among the various kinds (of Souls), each kind is of many kinds on account of having infinite modifications.  193 

Here ends Chapter on Soul