The Universe is composed of six substances.  The universe is situated in space (lokakasa).  Nothing but pure space is to be found in the alokakasa (Space beyond universe).  The lokakasa contains the remaining five substances, namely, Jiva, Pudgala (matter), Dharma, Adharma and Time, without which there an be no universe.  The form of the universe resembles the figure of a man standing with feet apart and the arms on waist.  (Pr. 210) This universe is divided into three parts, the lower, middle and the upper, the lower universe having the shape of down faced cup, the middle one that of a plate or disc and the upper one that of a hemispherical plate (Pr.  211).  The lower universe has seven parts, the middle has various parts and the upper region has 15 parts or levels (Pr. 212).