�֤֝���֝֐�� �֤֝֓���֝֐�� ��Ӭ������֢� �֝֐�� �� l

    �֝֔�����֝֐֔�������֝֐ִֽ�������ָ�� ll 704 ll

    �֢��� ���ϯ֕�֢�� ��ִ�� ���������� �� ��֤����� ���� l

    ׾ֵ�ػ�פ���� �� ן�׾���� ����׭֟� �����֝֝�� ����� �֝��� 705 �ִ�ִ�

    �֘��׫��֘�֍�� �֘�֓֟��:�֘�֍�� �֭��������֢��� �֘�֍�� �� l

    �֘���֙���֘�֍�� –֙���֙���֘�֍���™��™����֤��� ll 704 ll

    �֯���� ���ϯֵ��ԯ���: þ��״֭�: ��斴ֿ�� ��֤�������� l

    ׾֍����ۭ����ֿ�� ס�׾֬�� �־�׭֟� �������ז֭�: �����֟�� ���ז֭�: l 705 ll ��㐴ִ�� 

          704-705. All the seven non-developable souls have Bond, age, Operation and Existence places, five, two and five respectively; the five (one-sensed soul), (have) five, four and five; gross ones (have) five, five and five; three kinds of not a sensed, (have) five. six and five; irrational (five-sensed), (have) six, six and five; and rationales, eight and eleven. 


          Now the Bondage, Operation and Existence places of Body. making Karma are considered with reference to the 14 soul-classes. All the seven N-n-developable ones have 5, :2, and 5 places respectively of Bondage, Operation and Existence. Similarly all the Developable-one-sensed five souls have 5, 4 and 5. All the Develop�able gross-one-sensed have 5, 5, and 5. From 2-to.4-sensed-develop�able-sub-humans have 5, 6, and 5. Irrational-Developable-5.sensed have 6, 6 and 5. Rational Developable five-sensed have 8, 8, and II. They are described in the following verses. 

    ��Ӭ�� ןֵ֯֝֔���־־���֟������ ���ϯ�㝝֐�� ����� l

    �א֓ֈ������ �א֔�������� ��־ָ������ �������� ll 706 ll

    ��֝ֈ��ߝֈפ��։� �֢�� ����� ��Ӭֵ�� �������� l

    ������״֤���� ׾ֵֻ�ןֵ�� ������ �א־���ֵ��פ��ֈ�ֵ֝�� ll 707 ll

    �֭���: ס֍��֯֘���֝�־�ؾֿ�ءֿ֤�����ԍ�� �����: l

    ����֟��ؾֿ�� ����֍��׈ӿ�� ã�־ָ������ ����ֿ�: ll 706 ll

    ��֭־�ן֭־�ן֓֟���� �֢��� ��ִ��� �֭�֍�: ����ӿ��: l

    ��斴��ָ�����: ׾֍��ֵ֡�� ������ ���ؾֿ֍��פ��֟��:�֘�֍���� ll 707 l 

          706-707. Among Undevelopables, Bondage (is) of twenty� three, (twenty), five, (twenty),six, (twenty),nine and thirty (sub, classes); Operation is of twenty-one, and (twenty),four, Or of twenty-one and (twenty),six respectively in Immobile and Mobiles, (while) Existence (is) of ninety, two and ninety (etc.,) four (places). Bondage and Existence (are) the same among fine and the other (Gross one-sensed) and the three Not all (sensed), (while) Operation (is) of twenty-one etc., four (places, in Fine and of twenty-one etc.,) five (places in Gross.) 

    �א֔�������־־���֢�����א֟����� �� ׾ֵֻ֚�֝�� ��� l

    ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� ��۝�֤���� ������ ��Ӭ�פ� ��� ���ϛ������� l 708 ll

    ����֌���™��־�ؾֿ�ءֿ֤��׍�)���֓�� ׾֍���ã�֭�� ��� l

    �֭�ֵ֡�� �֖�ߟָ���ִ֭�� ������ �֬���ן���� ����™�ؾִֿ�� ll 708 ll 

          708. (In three) Not all sensed (Operation) places (are) of twenty- one, (twenty).six, (twenty),eight, (twenty),nine, thirty, and thirty, one. In Irrationals, the three bondage (etc., are) similar to those of the Not all sensed (with the) difference (that they) bind twenty- eight (also). 

    ��۝��۴�� �־�ֲ�Ӭ��� �א־���֯�����פ����������ӟ�� l

    �ֈ�������� ����� ���֝־֯����ߝ��־�ֵ�� �֢�� ll 709 l

    ���ז�׭� �־�β֭�� ���ؾֿ֯�ϳ�韵���ءֿ֤�����: l

    �֟��ؾֿ����� ������� ���֭־֯�׸���߭��־�ԍ�� �֢�ִ�� ll 709 ll 

          709. In Rationales all (the eight) Bondage (places are found), Operation (is) of (all places), from twenty-one to thirty-one leaving twenty-four; Existence (is) of all leaving ten and nine (sub-classes).


          All the Bondage, Operation and Existence places of Body. making Karma in 14 soul-classes a.. given in verses 704 to 709 are shown in the table below:�

Name of classes.

Number of Bondage Places.

Description of Bondage Places.

Number of Operation Places.

Description of Operation Places.

Number of Existence Places

Description of existence Places.

Seven classes of Non-Developable




21,24, or 21,26



Developable Fine one-Sensed







Developable gross one-sensed







Developable 2 to 4-sensed







Developable Irrational 5-sensed







Developable Rational 5-sensed







�����������ֈ���� םָ����פ���� ��ֲִ�Ӭ֚�֝��ם� l

    �֝֝־֋��ָ��ֵ֝�� ן֯�ӓֲ�ָ��֓ֈ���� �� ll 710 ll

    ׫���֙�����™��֟���� ׭ָ����פ���� ��ִ�ײ֭��ã�֭��׭� l

    �֘�֭־���֤��֯֘�֍�� ס֯֘�֫�֤��֓֟���� �� ll 710 ll


          710. During hellish etc., (the four conditions of existence), the bondage-places of Body making Karma (are respectively) two, six, eight and four; (operation places are) five nine, eleven and five; and (existence places are) three, five, twelve and four.



          Now Bondage, Operation and Existence places of body-making Karma are being considered with reference to 14 soul-quests (Margana). This gatha refers to the first of them.


    ���� ׾ֵֻ�� �ֵֻ�� �֝� �֝� ���ϛ� ��ӓ� ��������ָ� �֝�� l

    �֝֟���� ��Ӭ֤�� �������֤�����׾� �פ� ����� ll 711 ll

    ��� ׾֍���� �֍���� �֘�� �֘���™� �֘�� �֙�������֤��� �֘�� l

    �֘�ֵ֡������ �֭��֤��׭� �����֤�����ׯ� �ן� ��ִ�� l 711 ll


          711. In one,(sensed). not-all,(sensed), and all,(sensed beings) Bondage etc.. (are respectively) five. five and eight; six, eleven and five; and. five, five and thirteen. They should be known in the remaining soul-quests also, in the same manner.


    םָ����פ���ֲִ�Ӭ�� ��������� ����ִ��פ���� ������ l

    �־��� �֝֔������ָ�������������Ӥ���� ����פ� ll 712 ll

    ׭ָ����פ���ֲִ֭��� ������ءֿ֟�� ءֿ֤��פ���� –֌����� l

    �־�� �֘���֌����ָ�ؾֿ���֭�ءֿ�׫���� �־�ן� ll 712 ll


          712. Bondage (sub-classes) of Body-making Karma in the hellish etc., (four conditions) are (respectively) twenty-nine and thirty; the first six (groups); all (the groups; and twenty-five (twenty) six  twenty-nine and thirty.


    ������ �א֯֝��֐�̛��־־����� ��������֯����פ��־�� l

    �ֈ�������ߝ��־־�� �א֯֝��֐�̙�����־־����� ll 713 ll

    ������ ����֘���֯֟��™��־�ؾִֿ���ؾֿ֯�ϳ��ן֭־� l

    �֟��پֿ���߭�� �־�γ����֘���֯֟��™��־�ؾִֿ�� ll 713 ll


          713. Operation (sub-classes in them are respectively) twenty- one, (twenty),five, (twenty),seven, (twenty),eight, (twenty), nine; nine (groups) of twenty-one etc., all except twenty-four; twenty-one, (twenty),five, (twenty),seven, (twenty).eight and (twenty),nine.


    �֢�� ��֝ֈפ�ןֵ�� ��֝ֈ��ߝֈפ�������פ�ןֵ�� l

    ������פ���ߝ��־־�� ���ֈפ��ֈ������ ����פ� ll 714 ll

    �֢�� ��֭־�ןֵ֡�� ��֭־�ן֭־֟��™�ֿ��ןִֵ֡�� l

    ���ֿ��ן���߭��־�� ס֭־�ן֓֟���� �־�ן� ll 714 ll


          714. Existence (sub-classes in them) are (respectively), the three (groups) of ninety-two etc., ninety-two, ninety with three (groups) of eighty-eight, all except eighty-two; the four (groups) of ninety-three.


    �א�׾֐ֻ� ��Ӭ֚�֝�� ���ϛ��������� ן־���֔����� ��� l

    �ֵֻ�� �ֵֻ�� ������ ���� �א־���֯�ӓֵ�� ׾ֵֻ�� ll 715 ll

    �א֔�������־־����� ����֤�� �ֈ�������ߝ��־������� l

    �ֈפ��։� ��֝ֈ��� ��� ׾ֵֻ�� �� �־�ֵ�� �ֵֻ��ll 716 ll ��㴴�� l

    ���׾֍���� �֭֬�ã�ִ֭�™�ؾֿ����� �ֵ���ؾֿ�Œ��� ��� l

    �֍���� �֍���� ������ ����ô֮���ؾֿ֯֘�֍�� ׾֍���� ll 715 ll

    ����֙�����™��־�ؾֿ�� ءֿ�׫���� �֟��׾��

    ����߭�� �־�δ������: l

    �־�ן֓֟���� ��֭־�ן�: ����ô֭�� ׾֍���� �� �־�� �֍���� ll 716 ll ��㐴ִ�� ll


          715.716. Bondage places of twenty-three (etc.) six, leaving that of twenty-eight (are found) in one.(sensed), and not-all, (sensed); while all (of them) in all.(sensed beings); Operation, (places) of twenty-one (etc.) five, (are) in the one (sensed); of twenty-one, (twenty),six, (twenty).eight, (twenty),nine, thirty and thirty-one (are) in not all,(sensed); while all except that of twenty- four (in five sensed). (Existence places of) ninety-two and the four of ninety etc., (are) in one (sensed) and not all (,sensed) while all (of them are) in all (sensed beings).



          Table showing Bondage, Operation, and Existence places of Body-making Karma in Conditions of existence, and Sense Soul. quests, as per verses 710-716.


Name of classes.

Number of Bondage Places.

Description of Bondage Places.

Number of Operation Places.

Description of Operation Places.

Number of Existence Places

Description of existence Places.

Hellish Condition







Sub-human Condition







Human Condition







Celestial Condition

























All but 24

13 or all




    ������ߵ�֤�߯�ӓ���� ����� ����� ��Ӭֈ�����֢��ם� l

    ���� ��� �ֵֻ� ��� ��ꈤ����� ��۟�� �֐־����� ll 717 ll

    ���׬־���פ��֘����� ����� �����֟�� �֭��������֢־��׭� l

    ���� ��� �֍���� ��� �������,��� ����ß� �֯��ؾִֿ�� ll 717 ll


          717. Among five immobile earth etc., and among mobiles, Bondage, Operation and Existence (are) respectively as in one (sensed) and all sensed, but there is no Operation of twenty-seven in the two, fire (and air bodied souls)



          In Embodiment soul quest earth etc., five immobiles, have One. sense only; therefore Bondage, Operation and Existence of sub� classes of Body-making Karma are like those of the one-sensed being but there is no operation of 27 in fire-bodied and air-bodied �souls because they never have operation of hot and cold-light sub�classes.       Bondage, Operation, and    Existence in mobile-soul-quest should be known as has been said in all-sensed beings. Vide Table to Verse 76 I.


    ��ם־�ד� ��Ӭ��������� �־־�� �־־���֟���ևא֟����� l

    ���֝־֤�����פ���ە���־־�� �������ֻ֟�۴������ ll 718 ll

    �־��� ן־���֔����� �֝������֤���������֯������� l

    �ֈ������֢־����� ������ �־��� ���ֵ֝־���ߝ�� l 719 ll ��㴴�� l

    �֭�־֓�����: �֭��������ӿ��: �־�� �־�ؾֿ�ءֿ֤����ءֿ֟�� l

    ���֭־֫��ֿ��ן־�ٕ֟��־�Դ����ֻ֟�ۭ����� ll 718 ll

    �־�� �����ؾֿ��֌��� �֘��ؾֿ�֤����ءֿ֟�˯ֵ�ԭִ֟�� l

    �֟��:�֌���֯���ؾֿ�� ������: �־��� ���֍��־���ִ߭�� ll 719 ll ��㐴ִ�� l


          718-719. In Mind and Speech (vibratory activities), all Bondage (places are possible), (but there are) Operation (places of twenty-nine, thirty and thirty-one (only),� while Existence (places are) all, leaving those of ten, nine and eighty-two. In Physical (body-vibration, Bondage places are) all, and (Operation places are) from those of twenty five to thirty-one, (while) in its Mixed (body-vibration; Bondage places are) six from that of twenty-three etc., and (Operation places are) of twenty-four, (twenty) six, and (twenty),seven, (and Existence places) in both (are) all, except those of ten and nine.


    ����㾾�� ��۴������ ��Ӭ����� �����֤�߾� ������� ��� l

    �֐־����ןֵ�� �֝֕��������� �������ָ���۴������ ll 720 ll

    ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� ���ϛ�����֤�� ����㾾�� ��� ן֝ֈפ���֝ֈ��� l

    ������ ����֤������� ��������׻ֵ�״���ֵ�� �� ��Ӭ����� ll 721 ll ��㴴�� l

    ������� ��׭ִ���� �֭���ӿ��: ������ן�׸��� �����ß�� l

    �֯֟�ؾֵֿ֡�� �֘�ֵ���ؾִֿ����ָ���ۭ����� ll 720 ll

    �֭�ִֵ֡�™�ؾֿ�׫���� ������� ��� ס֭־�ן֫�֭־֟�� l

    �����ם� ؾֿ�׫�������� ��������׻֍�״��֍�� �� �֭���ӿ��: ll 721 ll ��㐴ִ��


          720:721. In Fluid (body-vibration) and its Mixed, Bondage and Existence (places are) as in celestial condition of existence, while Opera coin (places are) three from that of twenty-seven (in the fluid, and only) of twenty-five (in its Mixed). During Assimilative and its Mixed, out of those three, Bondage of the two of twenty-eight (and twenty-nine), and Existence of ninety three and ninety-two (are possible), (while Operation in Assimilative is). as in the Fluid (and in its Mixed, like the Fluid mixed). In Karmic (body-vibration, Operation of the two (places) of twenty (and twenty-one is possible), while Bondage and Existence (places are) as in Physical Mixed.   �


    ��������ֵ�� �־־�� �א־���֝��־�� ן֝ֈפ�����ָ�� l

    ��߯��׸���� �ֈ������ ��ߤ����֤�� �� �����Ӌ� l 722 ll

    �֤�����ֵ�� �־�Դ��ؾֿ֭־�� ס֭־֟����֤��� l

    á�߯������ �֟��ؾִֿֿ�ߟ��™��֯֟֟�� �� á���֝��� ll 722 ll


          722, During Sex and Passion (soul-quests), all (the Bondage places are possible); (Operation places are) nine, from that of twenty-one, and (Existence places are) eleven, from that of ninety, three; (but there is) no �Operation) of twenty-four in Male and Female, (as it is operative in one-sensed), (and there is no Exis�tence) of eighty and seventy-seven in Female and Common (inclinations, because a soul with Tirthankara Karma always ascends the Destructive ladder with male sex).


    ���ϝ��֤֝����� ��Ӭ�� ����֤�ߔ� �ֈ��ֵ�� �� ������� ��� l

    �֢�� ����ֈפ������� ׾ֳ�Ӑֲ�Ӭ�� ��� �����ؤ� �� l 723 ll

    ������ ��֟����ןֵ�� �֢�� םָ���� �� ��פ���������ߋ l

    ���ϛ�����֯�ӓ� ��Ӭ� ������ ���׸���� �� ���Ͻ���� ll 724 ll

    �֜��֓ֈ ���פ��ֈ �֢�� �֝֯֕�־�۴�� ��Ӭ����� l

    ��������� �� ����ִ������ �� ��� ��Ӭ��� ����ֻ�� ��֝�� ll 725 ll ׾����ֵ��

    ���ϖ�֭�׫���� �֭�� �����פ��֙�� �֯����֍�� �� �����ß�� l

    �֢��� ׫��־�ן��֌��� ׾ֳ֭���֭��� ��� �����ן־�� ll 723 ll

    ������ ������ءֵֿ֡�� �֢�� ׭ָ���� �� ��ן�����־�׬���� l

    ����™�ؾֿ֯֘�ֲ֭� ������ �������� �� ����™���� ll 724 ll

    ��ϣִ֓֟����ֿ��ן֓֟���� �֢־�� �֭�: �ֵ�Ե�� �֭���ӿ��: l

    ���Ͼ�׬�ײ� ءֿ֤�������� �� ��� �֭��: ����ֻ��  ��֭�� ll 725 ll ׾ֿ���֍���� l


          723-725. In the two (kinds of) Wrong knowledge (Sensitive and Scriptural), the first six (places of bondage are possible), and Operation (is) like that of the common sex. and Existence places are) six from that of ninety-two. In Wrong Visual knowledge, Bondage (places are) as in Wrong Sensitive knowledge, Operation (places are) three of twenty nine (etc..), the Existence (places are) as in the hellish condition of existence. During Right Sensitive, Scriptural and Visual knowledges. the Bondage (places are) five from that of twenty-eight, Operation (places are) eight only in male sex, the Existence places are the first four, as well as eighty etc., . four. In Mental knowledge. the Bondage and Existence (places are) as in Visual knowledge, the Operation of thirty (sub-classes only is possible). In Perfect knowledge there is no Bondage of Body making Karma.


    ����� �־־�� �ֈ�֝־������� ���פ��������� �֢�� l

    ����״־� ��ִ�׵ֵ֤����� ���� �֝�������֢־���֓։� ll 726 ll

    �����: �־�� �֟��:�֘��ؾֿ���ִֿ��ן��֌��� �֢�ִ�� l

    ����״־� ��ִ��׵֍�׫���� �����: �֘��ؾֿ��֯֟�ؾֿ֓֟������ ll 726 ll


          726. (In Perfect. knowledge), all (the Operation). (places are possible) except those of twenty-four, and (twenty) .2, and Existence (places are) six, those of eighty (etc ,). In (Coral. soul, quest in) the two, Equanimity (and Recovered Equanimity). (Bondage and Existence places are) as in Scriptural knowledge, Operation (places are five), that of twenty-five. and the four of twenty-seven (etc.)


    ��׸���ָ�� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� ���ϛ�����֓ֈ �� ����ִ��פ��։� l

    ��������� ������ ��Ӭ��� �֝�� �� �������֚�֝��ם� ll 727 ll

    ��׸���ָ� �֭�ִֵ֡�™�ؾֿ֓֟���� �� ءִֿ��פ��֟������ l

    ��斴�� ����� �֭��� �֭��� �� ������ӿ������֭��׭� ll 727 ll


          727. The three, Bondage etc.. in the Pure and absolute, non injury Control (are thus). (Bondage places are) of twenty- eight �etc.,) four; (Operation place) of only thirty, (and Existence places are) the first four. In Slightest-Passion Control. only one (sub-class) is bound; Operation an9 Existence places (are) as in Mental knowledge.


    ������֤�� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� ����ֵֻ�� ��� ן֝ֈפ��ֈ ����۟�� l

    ���� ���ϛ�����֤����� ����֤�� ���ֈפ����׸� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� |l 728 ll

    �֣�֏��֟�� �֭�ֵ֡�� ����ֻ�� ��� ס֭־�ן֓֟�������֟� l

    ������ ����™�ؾֿ�׫��� ءֿ�׫���� ס֭־�ן֓֟���׸� �֭�ִֵ֡�� ll 728 ll


          728. In Perfect control. the three Bondage (etc., are) as in Perfect knowledge, but (mere) the four (Existence places) of ninety three (etc.. are also possible). In Partial vow control, the three (i.e..) Bondage (places are) two, of twenty eight (and twenty nine), (Operation places are) two, of thirty (and thirty one.); (and Existence places are) four of ninety-three (etc).


    ����׾ָ��֝� ��Ӭ������ �����ؤ� �� ן֝ֈפ��ֵ֢�� �֢�� l

    ���׸���� ��� ��ی�֤���� ����۟�� ���ϓ֌���۴�� �ֈ������ ll 729 ll

    ����׾ָ��֝� �֭��������: �����ן֬�� ס�־�ן��֯֟֍�� �֢�ִ�� l

    �������� ��� �֖��ןָ�������ß� ���ϓ֖����� �֟��پִֿ�� ll 729 ll


          729. In Non-control, Bondage and Operation (places are) as in Wrong Sensitive knowledge, and Existence (places are) seven from ninety three. In Ocular and the other (non-ocular, Conation soul quest they are) as in male sex but during Non-ocular (there is operation) of twenty-four also.


    ��������������� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� �֝֝�֝�� ��� ׍�׻ֽ�������ןֵ�� l

    ����׾ָ��֝�� ��� ��������ֻ����� ���Ӿ������ �� ����� ll 730 ll

    ���ϛ�����֓։� ��Ӭ�� �֝֔�������� �� ����۟�� ���۴�� l

    �֜��֓ֈ���� �֢�� ��㌍�� ��������� �� ����ֵ�� ������ ll 731 ll ��㴴�� l


    ���Ͼ�׬�׫���� �֭�֡�ӵ� �֕�֭�� ��� ی����ˆ��꿵ֵ֡�� l

    ����׾ִ֝�� ��� ���ֵ��ֻ������: ���Ӿ������� �� �־���� ll 730 ll

    ����™�ؾֿ֓֟��ָ��� �֭���: �֘����؛���� ����ß� ������� l

    ��ϣִ֓֟���� �֢��� ��㌻�ֵ�ִ־�׬־�� ؾֿ֍�� �������: |l 731 l ��㐴ִ�� l


          730.731.     In the two, Visual and (Perfect conations), the three, Bondage (etc., are) as in their respective knowledge. In the then bad thought .paints, (they are) as in Non-control. In the pair of gOl.�1d (Le.. yellow and pink Thought paints) Operation is as in male sex; Bondage (places are) four, from twenty-eight (in the pink) and the same with twenty-five and (twenty) six in the yellow. Existence (places in both of them are) the first four. In white (thought paint, they are) as in Visual knowledge; but (there is) Operation of twenty also.


    �־��� �־�ֳִ־��� ��Ӭ������ ����׾ָ������ �֢�� ��� l

    �ֈפ��ֈ ��ָ���Ӭ֤֝������ߝ�� ����״־����ִ�� ��Ӭ��� ll 7325 l

    �־��� �־�δֳ־��� �֭֬������� ����׾ָ��� ��� �֢־�� ��� l

    �־�ן֓֟��������ָ��֭�֭�׫�����߭�� ���ϟ�׭־���ִֿ�� �֭�� : |l 732 ll


          732. In Capacity for libation (they are) all; in Non. Capacity for liberation. Bondage and Operation (places are) as in non-control, and the Existence (places are) four from ninety, but there is no Bondage (of thirty) with Assimilative two, (but thirty with cold light are bound). During Subsidential (right-belief), Bondage (is) as in Scriptural knowledge.


    ������ �א֯֝־����� �־־����ןֵ�� �� �֜��֓ֈ �֢�� l

    ����ִ� ��� ��Ӭ����� �������֑���� �� �אֲ�Ӭ��� l 733 l

    ������ ����֘��ؾֿ�� �־�ؿֵֿ֡�� �� ��ϣִ֓֟���� �֢�ִ�� l

    ��ִֿ� ��� �֭���ӿ�� �������ִ��� �����֭��: ll 733 ll


          733. (In Subsidential right belief), Operation (places are five i. e.,) of twenty-one, (twenty).five and the three from twenty- nine; and the Existence (places are) the first four. In Destructive. Subsidential right belief, Bondage and Existence (places are as in Subsidential, but there is no Bondage of one (sub-class).


    ������ ��ؤ� �� �և��� ��Ӭ�֤�� ����״־�۟�� ��׸��֤����� l

    ��������� ������ �� �� ��֝�� ���ϛ������ןֲֵ�Ӭ�� ll 734 ll

    ������ ��ן־�� ���׵֍�� �֭��פ�: ����״־���ß� �ָ���׫������ l

    ������ӿ� ؾֿ�� �� �� ��֭�� ����™�پֿ�ס֍��֭��: ll 734 ll


          734. (In Destructive Subsidential right belief), Operation (places are) as in Sensitive knowledge. In Destructive (right belief), Bondage etc., are as in Scriptural knowledge; but among Operation and Existence (places), the last two (are also clouded); and (the place of) twenty (is also to be included) in Operation. In Downfall (belief), Bondage (places are) three, from twenty-eight.


    ������ �א־���֓ֈl �־־����ןֵ�� �� �ֈפ���� �֢�� l

    ״����� ���ϛ�����֤����� �ֲ־����ןֵ�� �� ��Ӭ������ ll 735 ll

    ������ ���ؾֿ֓֟��ָ�: �־�ؾֵֿֿ֡�� �־�ן֍�� �֢�ִ�� l

    ״ָ�� ����™�ؾֿ�׫���� �־�جֿ֡֬�� �� �֭��������: ll 735 ll


          735. (In Downfall stage), Operation places are four, from twenty-one, as well a~ three, from twenty-nine. (There is) existence of ninety (only). In Mixed (belief), Bondage (places are) two of twenty-eight (and twenty-nine), and Operation places are three from twenty-nine.



    ��֝ֈפ��ֈפ��֢�� ״֓��� �����ؤ� �� ����פ� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� l

    ���׸���� ��� �֝��ߵ�� ������ �����ؤ� �� ��۟�� �א֝ֈ��� ll 736 ll

    ��֭־�ן֭־�ן��֢��� ״֣��� �����ן־�� �־�ן� �֭�ִֵ֡�� l

    �������� ��� ���ז�׭� ��ָ��ô֭�� �����ן־�� ����ß� ����־�ן�: ll 736 ll


736. (In Mixed belief) ninety-two and ninety (are) in Existence. In Wrong (belief), the three, Bondage (etc.,) are as in Wrong-sensitive knowledge. In Rationals (they are), as in male sex. In the other (irrationals, they are) as in Wrong-sensitive-knowledge, but there is no Existence of ninety-one.


    �������ָ�� ��Ӭ������ ��Ӝ�� ��� �־�׸� ��۟�� �א־����� l

    ���׸���� ��� ��������� ������ ������ �� ��Ӭ�ןֵ�� ll 737 ll

    ����۟�� �־ֽ� �� �������� ���֝־��֢�� �� ׾֕�֤�� ���� l

    �פ� ��Ӭ����֯��������������ִ�� ��ָ���֤����� ll 738 ll ��㴴�� ll

    �������ָ� �֭������: �֝���� ��� �־�׸� ����ß� ���ؾִֿ�� l

    �������� ��� �����տ��: ��ָ��ô֭�� ����� �� �֭�ִֵ֡�� ll 737 ll

    �����ß� �־��™� �� ���������� ���֭־��֢��� �� ׾֪���s�� l

    �ן� �֭������֯�����ן����֭��۴�� ��ָ���֤����� ll 738 ll ��㐴ִ�� l


737-738. In Assimilative (soul quest). Bondage and Operation (places are) as in Common sex, but there is no (Operation of) twenty-one; the Existence of Karmas (is) as in male sex. 1m the other (i. e., Non-assimilative) the three, Bondage (etc., are) as in Karmic (.body vibration,) but there is operation of two (i. e.)t, nine and eight, and existence of ten and nine also here, (in the 14th stage). Thus Bondage, Operation etc., in the well-known Body-making Karma (has been stated) in short with reference to (fourteen) soul quests.


    ��ֹ�������ָ֝֬���� ����ֵֻ���ӟ����֝� �ִ֟���� l

    ��֬־֓�Ӥ���� ����־�߸���֣֟��� ׾֟��׸����� ll 739 ll

    ��ֹ�������ԭָ֬��� ����ֵֻ��֭����֝�� �ִ֣��� l

    ��֬־֭֓����� ����־�߸����֣��� ׾�ß�׸���: ll 739 ll


739. The above description has been propounded by thegreat Hero Madhava Chandra who possessed charming Right belief and satisfied the world.



          Madhava Chandra may apply to Shri Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankara or to Acharya Madhava Chandra, brother saint of the author.



    �־֯�ӓ�������֢�� �������� �֝֝������ ��������� l

    ���ϙ�����֤������������ �־��֢�������֟����۴�� ll 740 ll

    ������ �א֟����� ���� ������ִֽ��֢��ם� l

    ��ָ�����Ӭ�� ���֤��� ��������� ����ן� םִֵ��� ll 741 ll ��㴴�� l

    �־֯֘��������֢��: �ֵ���ؾֿ�� �֘��ؾֿ�� ��܌����� l

    ����™��֟�����™��ؾֿ�� �־��֯�������ءֿ�ءֿ֟���: ll 740 ll

    ����������ءֿ֟��� ����ô֮����������s™��֢���׭� l

    ��ָ��ֲ�Ӭ�� ���� ���� ������ӿ�� �־�׭֟� ׭ִֵ��� ll 741 ll ��㐴ִ�� l


740-741. During (Bondage of) twenty-three, twenty-five and twenty-six (sub-classes of the Body-making Karma:). Operation (places are) nine and Existence (places are) five. During (Bond-age of) twenty-eight, (they are respectively) eight and four. During (Bondage of) twenty-one and thirty, (they are respectively) nine and seven. During (Bondage of) thirty-one, (they are respec�tively) one and one. During (Bondage of) one, Operation (place is) one and Existence (places are) eight. On Cessation of Bond age, ten Operation and ten Existence (places) are only possible.