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33. Even the egg is dangerous !


Bhadrabahu Vijay

Now-a-days, the question regarding eggs has become deeply entangled in confusing arguments. Eloquent expositions and arguments have been given for and against the proposition. If we think about it deeply from any point of view shedding our prejudices and examine the question whether both fertilized and unfertilized eggs are fit to be eaten or not we come to the conclusion that they should not be eaten or taken in any form.

The argument that has been adduced in support of the egg is that it contains all the necessary proteins and amino acids but these substances are available even in milk. On the contrary, the yellow of the egg contains excessive Cholesterol. On account of its harmful effects, people may get Arterio-Sclerosis, heart attacks and cerebral haemorrhage and there is also the fear of a paralytic stroke.

The modern scientific standpoint of view is that we should not consume anything that contains Cholesterol and that such a substance should be consumed as little as possible and it is to be noted that in the yellow of the egg there is an excess of Cholesterol.

Then there is the vital point that the egg does not contain vitamin C at all. Hence other substances containing vitamin C have to be taken to make up the deficiency.

Modern scientists have gone to the extent of recording the palpitations of the embryo of the egg (vide the Reader's Digest, August, 1963 PP 42 ).

The so called Vegetarian Egg !

When we consider the so called vegetarian egg we find that we cannot use the vegetarian egg at all.

The use of the word, Vegetarian with respect to the is meaningless, The egg is obtained from animals only and never from plants and trees. The propagandists for the egg use this expression very boldly.

Please think for yourselves whether the egg is really vegetarian. The egg is produced in the ovaries of the hen. An identical form of the egg is sperm. Sperms are produced in the testicles of males. If we examine sperms under a microscope they are found to be unicellular. Each has a nucleus. We can see the sperms moving about. This proves that the sperm has life in it. Llke that the egg also has life. It also has a nucleus. The egg aiso has a cell. The egg is produced in the ovaries only. In this manner, the structure of the egg is identical with that of the sperm. The egg moves from the ovary into the Uterus. If it is not a living thing, how could it move ? So, the so called unfertilized egg also has a spark of life in it.

We cannot say that the egg is lifeless just because it is not hatched by a hen. Now-a-days, with the help of mechanical devices, scientists have produced chickens from fertilized eggs. By means of test tubes and artificial methods they are producing living creatures out of unfertilized eggs. The infertile egg and the fertile egg both have a source namely the hen. The chemical structure of the two does not differ from each other. If we think of the process of conception, we learn that it helps only the physical development of the egg. Even by means of parthenogenesis sometimes conception also takes place and for this there is no need for the sperms. Some scientists have proved after careful examination that by stimulating the egg in various ways, we can record its feelings which are like those of living beings or of ordinary eggs. ( The Frontier of Science and Medicine by Carlson 1975).