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- By Manubhai Doshi

Buddhism: Religion of Lord Buddha

Chaitanya: Consciousness

Chaityavasi: Renegade monks who used to live in temples

Chakshudarshan: Perception with eyes

Charitra: Behavior; conduct; practice

Charitra Mohaniya: Karma causing deluded behavior

Chaturendriya: Four sensed beings

Chhakaya: Sixfold division of all beings

Chhed Sutra: Name given to a class of subsidiary Aagamas

Chidanand: Blissful consciousness

Chit: Consciousness

Craving: Longing

Danantaraya: Karma that obstructs charity

Darshan Mohaniya: Karma causing deluded perception

Dashavaikalik: Name of a prominent auxiliary Aagama

Defiling: One that spoils or pollutes

Desh Virati: Partly restrained; 5th stage of elevation

Dhammo: Religion

Dharma: Religion; one of the six basic substances

Dharmastikaya: One of the six basic substances

Digambar: Without clothes; name of a Jain sect

Discretion: Exercising wisdom

Drashta: Viewer

Dravya: Substance

Dravyarthic Naya: Substantial viewpoint

Dwadashangi: Collective term for 12 Angas

Dweendriya: Two sensed beings

Dwitiya: Second

Ekanta: Singular or one-sided view point

Embodiment: Having physical body

Ephemeral: Temporary; transitory

Equanimity: Perfect balance of mind

Eternal: Everlasting

Ganadhar: Principal disciple of Tirthankara

Gati: State of (Divine,human, animal or infernal) existence

Geeta: Name of the Hindu scripture

Ghatiya: Karma that hurts nature of soul

Gotra: Type of family

Guna: Characteristic; property

Gunasthanak: Stage of elevation

Gunavrat: Helpful restraint

Heya: What is to be avoided

Infernal: Pertaining to hell

Ishwar: Endowed with esteemable attributes

Jada: Lifeless

Jainism: Religion propounded by omniscients

Jiva: Living being; soul

Jivastikaya: Soul

Jnana: Knowledge; enlightenment

Jnanavaraniya: Knowledge obscuring Karma

Jnata: One who knows

Jneya: What is to be known