Sadhvi Shri Sudhaji Maharaj Birthday Celebrated



News: The devotees of the Jain Samaj of Punjab have observed 69th birth anniversary of very senior Jain   Sadhvi Sudha ji in S.S. Jain Sabha, Mandigobindgarh. Sadhvi Sudha Ji is worthy disciple of Sadhvi Swarna Kanta Ji. It is the matter of pleasure that Sadhvi Pushpa ji with her disciples and Dr. Sadhvi Lavanya Yasha Ji of the Terapanth Jointly participated and celebrated the birth anniversary. Dr. Sadhvi Smriti ji convened the birth anniversary programme. Purushottam Jain Ji Mandigobindgarh and Rabindra Jain Ji Malerkotala and Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh from Punjabi University, Patiala honoured Sadhvi Sudha ji by shaal and citation bestowing the designation ofJinsashan-Prabhavika to which every participant appreciated. On this occasion the face of every participant was gloomed with pleasure. A well arrangement for food and water was done for all participants. The programme was started with one hour long recitation of Namaskar Mahamantra and came to conclusion with lectures of Dr.Sadhvi Lavanya Yasha Ji, Sadhvi Pushpa Ji, Dr. Sadhvi Smriti Ji and performances of different cultural programmes. On this occasion the Jain Samaj also honoured Dr Pradyumna Shah covering him by a shaal.     

The citation of honour, on 69th birth anniversary, to

Sadhvi Sudha Ji

By Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh 

     Sr. Assistant Professor in Jainism,Department of Religious studies

Punjabi University, Patiala

Sadhvi Sudha Ji has made the soil of Patti, Amritsar full of fragrance by taking birth on August 1, 1943.

 The lotus of  fortune of Smt. Kaushalya Ji as mother and Lala Trilok Chand Ji Jain as father bloomed by giving  birth to such a promising  daughter who in spite of having all worldly comforts, chose the path of penance and renunciation.  

Right from childhood she had no any affection in worldly pleasure but had burning quest for her spiritual uplifting. In order to fulfil her dream she took the refuge of Guruni Up-pravartini, Jinshasan-prabhavika,  Santhara-sadhika, Sadhvi Swarnkanta Ji. She has been much deserved disciple of her influential Guruni Ji who initiated her as a Jain Sadhvi on 14 February, 1965 over the soil of Kaithal, Haryana.

Credit goes to Sadhvi Swarnkanta Ji’s efforts for establishing Bhagvan Mahavir Jain Chair in the Department of Religious Studies, Punjabi University Patiala, on the occasion of 2500th Nirvana Centenary of Bhagavan Mahavir. Shri Purushottam ji Jain and Shri Ravindra Ji Jain have written and translated many books under gracious patronage of Sadhvi Swarnkanta Ji and Sadhvi Sudha Ji is accelerating the same tradition very well by giving her gracious patronage to both writers who are brothers in faith.  

Whenever anyone comes to visit Sadhvi Sudha ji he becomes adherent of her mesmerising grace. She along with her very able disciple Dr. Sadhvi Smriti Ji and other Sadhvies is doing tremendous job for propagation and dissemination of Jain religion and ideology among the masses. She is well-recognised signature in Jain world having so many designations, bestowed upon her many times at many places.

Considering her invaluable contributions to Jain Religion and Philosophy I feel honoured bestowing the coveted citation of “JIN SHASHAN PRABHAVIKA” upon Sadhvi Sudha Ji

With high regards

Dr. Pradyumna Shah Singh